In order to give back to the majority of users, BKEX is now launching the “recharge transaction KUMA to share 15,000USDT”. The details are as follows:

The promotion period is from 21:30, October 14, 2021 to 21:30, October 21 (UTC+8).

Deposit Bonus Promotion

During the event, all users who top up KUMA at BKEX and the effective top-up amount is not less than 1,500,000,000 KUMA will receive 20USDT rewards. This part of the prize pool is 5500USDT. Rewards will be issued in the order of recharge. Users who meet the reward conditions will be issued to their account balances after the event ends.

KUMA effective recharge amount = KUMA recharge amount-KUMA coin withdrawal amount.

Each account can only receive a recharge rebate once.

Get a share of 5500USDT

Trading Competition

During the event, all users who participate in the KUMA/USDT trading pair at BKEX meet the minimum trading volume, that is, ranking rewards will be issued according to the user’s trading volume ranking.

Ranking Reward (USDT) Minimum trading volume (KUMA)
No. 1 3,500 20,000,000,000
No. 2 2,500
No. 3 1,500
No. 4 – No. 10 300 5,000,000,000

KUMA trading volume = KUMA buying volume + KUMA selling volume

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Users who use cheating and other means to obtain rewards during the event will be disqualified for rewards.

The result of the event will be announced within 3 working days after the event ends, and event rewards will be issued within 5 working days after the event result is announced.

The final interpretation right of this event belongs to BKEX Global.