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The promotion runs from November 25, 2021 between 08:00 and at 07:59 on December 2, 2021 am (eastern time eight districts).

A Total of $50,000 Welcome Gift for New Users

New User exclusive benefits equivalent of US $ 50,000 reward DOCK shared with you.

During the event registration of New users, with a cumulative trading volume of not less than 6,000 DOCK (buy + sell) in the designated trading pair of DOCK, can participate in the challenge after the event ends.

Winner will be based on currency Challenge rules decided at 1,000 users, each award of $ 50 equivalent DOCK card coupons.

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Complete the Tasks and Share $150,000 in Rewards

Complete the DOCK transaction task and share the USD 150,000 equivalent DOCK benefits.

Complete all the following tasks during the event, and you can participate in the exclusive prize pool for Binance users who equally share the USD 150,000 equivalent DOCK.

  • Task 1: In the event designated DOCK spot and leveraged trading pairs, complete a single transaction of 6,000 DOCK or more.
  • Task 2: Specify DOCK spot and leveraged trading pairs in the event, and the effective total trading volume (buy+sell, excluding the amount of scalping) shall not be less than 30,000 DOCK.
  • Task 3: the share of this activity to a social platform , invite more friends to participate in tours DOCK mad party, and the screenshots uploaded to this form.

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