Binance 10% Cashback Rebate (Spot and Futures) Table of Contents


Unlimited 10% Cashback Rebate on Binance

Through FXPrimeCashback, you can earn 10% lifetime Cashback on Spot and Futures trading on Binance’s platforms.

The promotion condition is simple.

You only need to go to FXPrimeCashback’s “Binance Cashback Rebate” page, open a Spot or Futures trading account.

Once you successfully open Binance’s account from the designated page, you are automatically eligible for the lifetime Cashback Rebate.

Start trading Spot or Futures on Binance, and you will earn 10% Cashback Rebate in real-time.

You can also find the general condition of Binance’s Spot and Futures trading account here.

Go to Binance’s Cashback Page

Why you should join FXPrimeCashback?

FXPrimeCashback’s 10% Cashback Rebate on Binance’s account is only beneficial for traders.

By joining the promotion, you will earn a 10% Cashback Rebate unlimitedly in terms of the amount and period.

The Cashback amount is unlimited. So you will earn more by trading more on Binance’s Spot and Futures trading platforms.

The promotion of FXPrimeCashback is independent.

This means that while receiving a 10% Lifetime Cashback Rebate, you can also participate in other promotions of Binance.

Go to FXPrimeCashback’s official website and find out more about the Cashback Rebate program.

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