Bibox 18 million AAA Token Gifts

Bibox celebrates Moon Rabbit Listing. Enjoy 18 Million AAA Token Rewards!

The promotion runs from October 29th 18:00 to November 5th 18:00 Korean time.

Event 1: Moon Rabbit deposit rewards event

During the event, the top 10 users with net deposits will be able to share 1,500,000 AAA tokens depending on their share.

The remaining users with net deposits greater than 10,000 AAA will each be rewarded with 100-500 AAA tokens. (Net Deposit = Deposit * 6 – Withdrawal – Sell)

Share 1,500,000 AAA tokens

Event 2: Moon Rabbit reward trade event

During the event, the top 3 users in AAA trading volume will be rewarded with 150,000 AAA, 120,000 AAA and 75,000 AAA tokens according to their trading volume ranking.

The remaining users with trading volume greater than 100,000 AAA can each receive 100-500 AAA token rewards.

Receive AAA Token Rewards

Event 3: Moon Rabbit Community Reward Event

You will earn 5,000 AAA tokens by completing the process as per the requirements below.

  1. Join the official Telegram room.
  2. Share your event poster to 5 blockchain communities and take a screenshot.
  3. Follow Bibox on the official Twitter ( @Bibox365 ), forward event tweets and leave comments.

Perform the above 3 missions and fill out the award information through the application link.

Get 5,000 AAA token rewards

The total reward for the event is 18 million AAA tokens and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rewards will be issued within 7 business days after the event ends.

Bibox has the final interpretation right for this event, and if any misconduct such as malicious execution is detected, the award eligibility will be revoked.

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