An interesting initiative for those looking for new stimuli and excellent conditions to trade in crypto. Switch to AMarkets and improve your trading.

Transfer your account to AMarkets

Most traders who usually invest their funds in crypto markets on online platforms are always looking for new stimuli, better trading conditions, and advantageous promotional offers. In short, finding a broker that fully reflects one’s style and offers a rich environment of opportunities is the goal of every investor and is essential to be able to face the markets by exploiting every opportunity to the fullest.

To encourage crypto trading and present its trading conditions, the broker AMarkets has recently created a new interesting initiative: “Transfer your account to AMarkets.” Investors looking for a change can test a finely structured and opportunity-rich trading environment for crypto.

In practice, if the interested trader has open positions with another broker, they can transfer them to AMarkets with extreme ease and get state-of-the-art tools and services. The transfer of open positions will be executed at the same opening price used with the other company. To proceed with the request, the trader will need to contact the AMarkets team and send the login, the old broker’s server IP, and the password of the existing MetaTrader trading account.

Switch your broker to AMarkets

Next, a summary of the main features and services offered that the trader will get by switching to AMarkets:

  • Spreads starting from 0.2 pips.
  • Fast order execution (in just 0.03 seconds).
  • Zero commission on deposits and a wide range of payment methods available.
  • Technologically advanced MT4 and MT5 platforms suitable for any style and type of trader.
  • Significant trade analyzers made up of numerous analytical articles and reviews regularly published by experts will allow the customer to keep up to date on important market events.
  • Unique market sentiment indicator: a useful tool that allows traders to know in detail the buyer-seller ratio in the markets for each trading instrument. In addition, an advanced version of the service will allow the customer to study historical data for any product (the service is available through registration in the “Services – Sentiment Indicator” section of their Personal Area).
  • Trading signals and analytical reviews created by industry experts to stay up to date on major price movements.
  • Highly qualified managers to support the trader in every operation.
  • No intervention from the dealing desk (direct order execution without any intermediary).

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How to request the transfer

To proceed with the actual transfer of the account to AMarkets, simply follow these easy steps:

First step: create an account.
To begin, the interested trader must create a new AMarkets account by registering on the official website.
Second step: account verification.
At this stage, the customer must undergo a verification procedure in their Personal Area, uploading a scanned copy or photo of documents proving identity and residence (for example, an ID card and a recent utility bill).
Third step: Open an account
The trader can select the most suitable account for their needs in the personal area, choosing between: Standard, Fixed, Crypto, and ECN.
Fourth step: deposit funds.
Make a minimum deposit of $500 – €500 using the most suitable payment method for your needs.
Fifth step: send an email to the broker to request the transfer.
The transfer request email must be sent to [email protected]. In the subject line, enter “Request for transfer of a trading account.” In the email, the trader must provide the following information using the following form: “I, (state full name), wallet number at AMarkets, request to restore my open orders on the trading account (indicate the trading account number with AMarkets). I attach all the details of my trading account with another company (login and investor password for the trading account, company’s server IP, and market order numbers to be restored). I, (state full name), also confirm that all the conditions for restoring open positions have been explained to me, and I fully understand and accept all these conditions for restoring open orders on AMarkets.

Open an account with AMarkets

Trading crypto pairs with AMarkets

As already mentioned, AMarkets offers extremely advantageous trading conditions. Competitive spreads, execution speed, and no intervention from the dealing desk are just some of the features of a highly promising environment for trading in crypto. AMarkets allows customers to trade on as many as 27 crypto pairs, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. The trading conditions and services offered vary depending on the type of account selected. In the following table, you can learn about the main features of each account offered by the broker.

Features Standard Account Fixed Account ECN Account Crypto Account
Order execution Instant execution – Market execution Instant execution – Market execution Market execution Market execution
Initial deposit $100 – €100 $100 – €100 $200 – €200 MBT 10
Crypto leverage From 1:10 to 1:100, varies based on invested capital and selected instrument From 1:10 to 1:100, varies based on invested capital and selected instrument From 1:10 to 1:100, varies based on invested capital and selected instrument From 1:10 to 1:100, varies based on invested capital and selected instrument
Decimal price Up to 5 digits Up to 4 digits Up to 5 digits Up to 5 digits
Minimum order volume From 0.01 with a step of 0.01 From 0.01 with a step of 0.01 From 0.01 with a step of 0.01 From 0.01 with a step of 0.01
Spread Floating from 1.3 pips 3 pips Floating from 0 pips Floating from 1.3 pips
Islamic account Available Available Available Not available
Trading periods Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET) Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET) Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET) Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET)
Commissions None None $2.5 – €2.5 per 1 lot per side 2 None
Stop Out 20% 20% 40% 20%
Margin call 50% 50% 50% 50%
Available currency for account USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR MBT
Negative balance protection Yes Yes Yes Yes

Switch your broker to AMarkets

The maximum leverage available changes based on both the investment volume and the type of instrument selected:

Invested capital BTC-USD, BTC-EUR Other cryptocurrencies
Less than $250,000 Max leverage 1:100 Max leverage 1:10
Greater than $250,000 Max leverage 1:5 Max leverage 1:2

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