A bonus of up to $10,000 offered to new AMarkets customers for a larger investment volume and more profit opportunities.

“Double Deposit” Bonus offered by AMarkets

Having more funds to trade in the crypto market is important. Given its extreme volatility, diversifying an investment portfolio adequately is an excellent strategy to cushion potential risks and at the same time expand profit opportunities. Choosing AMarkets as a trusted broker offers traders numerous advantages, in addition to the wide range of state-of-the-art services and tools offered and optimal trading conditions, the company promotes several promotional offers to support and encourage its clients’ trading. Among these, the “Double Deposit” bonus is one of the most popular and advantageous. The initiative was created to encourage potential customers to start investing with the broker and offers new registrants a bonus equivalent to the first deposit made. So, for example, by depositing $1,000 into your account, the broker will credit a $1,000 bonus that the trader can use for their investments.

It is important to remember that the extra funds resulting from the promotion cannot be withdrawn but can only be used for trading. As for any profits, these can be withdrawn at any time if the minimum trading requirements are met. To activate the promotion, the customer must contact the support team.

Promotion “Double Deposit” Bonus
Maximum bonus funds amount $10,000
Bonus withdrawal Not available
Profit withdrawal Possible if minimum trading requirements are met
Accounts eligible for the offer Standard – Fixed
Who can apply New customers
Compatible with other promotions offered No
Minimum deposit required $100 – €100

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Terms and conditions of the offer

The offer is valid only for traders who decide to open a new account with AMarkets and, like any promotional initiative, is subject to terms and conditions that must be carefully read and accepted. Below is a summary of the main information and rules to know.

  • The maximum amount that the customer can receive from the promotion is $10,000 (or equivalent currency).
  • The extra funds resulting from the bonus will be automatically credited to the applicant’s account and can only be used for trading purposes. The trader can view the credited amount in the “credit line of the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • The extra funds will not be added to the balance of the real funds in the applicant’s account.
  • The “Double Deposit” bonus is not compatible with other offers from the broker. Therefore, accounts with other active promotions will not be able to participate in the promotional initiative.
  • If the account remains inactive for more than 30 days, the promotion and related extra funds will be automatically canceled.
  • Any profits generated from trading using the extra bonus funds can be withdrawn if the minimum trading requirements are met. The calculation for the required trading turnover is as follows: bonus amount / 3 USD. In practice, 3 USD for each complete lot.
  • Only closed trades will be considered valid for the count. The minimum limit for a transaction is equivalent to 3 pips;
  • Only trades made during the promotional period will be considered eligible for calculation. The account history will not affect the calculation of required trades in any way.
  • The extra funds can be used during a “drawdown” period, but the bonus will be automatically canceled when the Stop out level is reached.
  • The trader must calculate their own Stop out level, as the MetaTrader 4 platform only considers real assets without taking into account the extra funds, which cannot be used during the drawdown.
  • The promotional offer will be canceled when the trader withdraws part or all of the initial deposit on which the bonus was calculated from the account.
  • Only Standard and Fixed MetaTrader 4 accounts can participate in the promotion.

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Investing in crypto markets with AMarkets

AMarkets allows customers to invest in a wide range of crypto instruments with extremely advantageous trading conditions. A trading environment designed to allow the customer to take maximum advantage of each operation: Competitive spreads, execution speed, and no dealing desk intervention are just some of its features. The broker has 27 crypto pairs, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin.

As already mentioned, the new trader interested in requesting the offer must open a Fixed or Standard account. Below is a comparison table to learn in detail about the trading conditions and features of the accounts.

Features Standard Account Fixed Account
Order Execution Instant Execution – Market Execution Instant Execution – Market Execution
Initial Deposit $ 100 – € 100 $ 100 – € 100
Crypto Leverage From 1:10 to 1:100 varies based on invested capital and selected instrument From 1:10 to 1:100 varies based on invested capital and selected instrument
Decimal Price Up to 5 digits Up to 4 digits
Minimum Order Volume From 0.01 with step 0.01 From 0.01 with step 0.01
Spread Floating from 1.3 pips 3 pips
Islamic Account Available Available
Trading Periods Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET) Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET)
Commissions None None
Stop Out 20% 20%
Margin Call 50% 50%
Available Currencies for Account USD, EUR USD, EUR
Negative Balance Protection Yes Yes

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The max leverage changes based on the investment volume and the type of selected product:

Invested Capital BTC-USD, BTC-EUR Other Cryptocurrencies
Less than $ 250,000 Max leverage 1:100 Max leverage 1:10
Greater than $ 250,000 Max leverage 1:5 Max leverage 1:2

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