Improved cashback rates and advantageous conditions to support crypto trading.

AMarkets Cashback for investing in crypto

Every investor knows that trading involves risks, particularly in an extremely volatile market like cryptocurrencies, where prices fluctuate dramatically in a short time. Trading in crypto, therefore, requires traders to structure a careful risk management strategy (for example, by diversifying the portfolio or maintaining a suitably low investment volume) to avoid significant losses. Furthermore, in the crypto markets where reaction speed is essential, traders (regardless of their level of knowledge and experience) often make inaccurate decisions that further increase the risk rate. In short, it’s not easy.

Aware of how challenging investing in crypto can be, the broker AMarkets supports its traders by mitigating trading risks through the popular Cashback program. A recently improved promotional initiative that will give interested traders the opportunity to receive cashback that vary based on the amount of funds invested, up to a maximum of $17 for each lot traded.

It works like this: in practice, the broker will cashback part of the spread to clients who trade regularly. Consequently, the higher the investment volume, the more significant the portion of the spread that will be refunded.

The promotion is structured in 5 levels, with the higher the level reached by the client, the more cashback they will receive for each lot traded.

  • Levels are divided based on the number of lots traded in a month.
  • To move up a level, the client must reach a monthly trading volume of 5 lots.
  • Monthly trading conditions remain unchanged for each level.
  • The maximum cashback amount per client is 7,500 USD – 7,500 EUR, depending on the currency of the trading account.

The following table describes in detail the main features of the AMarkets cashback offer:

Level Required monthly trading volume Old cashback rate (per lot) New cashback rate available (per lot)
1 2 lots $ 3 – € 3 $ 3 – € 3
2 5 lots $ 8 – € 8 $ 11 – € 11
3 5 lots $ 10 – € 10 $ 13 – € 13
4 5 lots $ 12 – € 12 $ 15 – € 15
5 5 lots $ 14 – € 14 $ 17 – € 17

To proceed with the actual request, the interested trader must have a real AMarkets account and contact the support team.

Get the Cashback from AMarkets

Offer regulations

Before requesting the promotion, the customer must carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of the offer. Below is a summary of the main information and rules to be aware of.

  • Only Standard and Fixed account holders (USD and EUR) with MT4 and MT5 platforms are eligible for the AMarkets cashback promotional program. Unregistered traders who wish to join the initiative can open a new account by clicking here.
  • The cashback will be calculated on trading operations executed on currency pairs and metals.
  • To enroll, it will be necessary to contact the support team and submit a request.
  • To be eligible for the first level of the program’s cashback, the customer must trade a minimum of two lots within 30 days.
  • The minimum holding time for a trading position must be at least 3 minutes to be eligible for a cashback calculation.
  • Price variation in each transaction must be at least 10 pips.
  • The cashback will be credited daily after the position is closed on the participant’s account. The amount can be viewed in the “Credit” section.
  • The trader intending to move to a higher level must trade a minimum of 5 lots within 30 days.
  • If the participant decides to withdraw funds from their account or fails to trade the minimum required lots within the specified time (30 days), progress will be lost, and the account will return to level 1.
  • The extra funds from participating in the program can only be used for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn.
  • The maximum cashback amount each customer can receive is 7,500 USD or 7,500 EUR (depending on the currency selected in the account).
  • Withdrawals in an account with an active cashback program will be handled as follows:
    • Any profits generated from trading through the extra funds can be withdrawn without bonus adjustment, provided that the ratio between bonus funds and deposited funds does not exceed 20% after the withdrawal.
    • In the case of withdrawal, the extra funds can be partially or totally deducted. If after the withdrawal, the share of bonus funds is less than 20% of the account capital, the bonus will not be canceled. If the extra funds are more than 20% of the deposited capital, the bonus will be partially deducted using the following formula: (Bonus funds / Capital after withdrawal * 100 – 20%) / 100 * Capital after withdrawal. If after the withdrawal, the cashback is more than 90% of the account capital, the bonus will be entirely deducted.

    For further information or clarification, visit the official website and contact the support team.

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    Investing in crypto with AMarkets

    The broker, in addition to managing a wide range of crypto instruments (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.), offers extremely advantageous conditions for trading in virtual currency markets. As mentioned earlier, among the various types of accounts available, only Fixed and Standard accounts allow the trader to access the AMarkets cashback program.
    Trading conditions, advantages, and features vary depending on the type of account selected, and the trader can choose the most suitable one for their needs by consulting the following comparison table.

    Features Standard Account Fixed Account
    Order execution Instant execution – Market execution Instant execution – Market execution
    Initial deposit $ 100 – € 100 $ 100 – € 100
    Crypto leverage From 1:10 to 1:100 varies based on invested capital and selected instrument From 1:10 to 1:100 varies based on invested capital and selected instrument
    Decimal price Up to 5 digits Up to 4 digits
    Minimum order volume From 0.01 with 0.01 step From 0.01 with 0.01 step
    Spread Floating from 1.3 pips 3 pips
    Islamic account Available Available
    Trading periods Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET) Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET)
    Commissions None None
    Stop Out 20% 20%
    Margin call 50% 50%
    Account currency available USD, EUR USD, EUR
    Negative balance protection Yes Yes

    Get the Cashback from AMarkets

    The maximum leverage available changes based on the invested amount and the type of instrument selected:

    Invested capital BTC-USD, BTC-EUR Other cryptocurrencies
    Less than $ 250,000 Max leverage 1:100 Max leverage 1:10
    More than $ 250,000 Max leverage 1:5 Max leverage 1:2

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