4XC 50% First Deposit Bonus

Trading on cryptocurrency with the 50% first deposit bonus 4XC.

Investing in cryptocurrency with the 4XC’s first deposit bonus

As a no dealing desk broker considered a leader in the industry, 4XC is committed to constantly offering valid solutions to improve its clients’ trading experience. In addition to the quality of services and tools offered and a highly competitive trading environment with advantageous trading conditions, the broker regularly launches very interesting offers and promotions to promote its traders’ activity. One of these is the 50% first deposit bonus, an offer that allows 4XC’s clients to receive extra funds (equivalent to 50% of the first deposit made) to use in their trades. Every real 4XC’s account trader who has not yet made any deposit can easily request it by filling out the dedicated form. As soon as the first deposit is made, the bonus will be automatically credited to the requester’s account. Like many other promotions of this kind, promotion funds cannot be withdrawn but can only be used for trading purposes.

Below is a summary of the main features of the offer:

Offer type First deposit bonus
Maximum bonus amount 1000 USD-EUR-GBP
Bonus withdrawal Not available
Profit withdrawal Available
Minimum deposit required 100 USD-EUR-GBP
Minimum trading requirements None

It is important to know that the extra funds deposited in the requester’s account will have no expiration date, and the trader can decide when to start investing. The requester can view the extra deposited amount in the “Credit” field on the platform. Furthermore, the bonus funds will not be considered as balance but will be included in the “Equity” and “Margin” lists (since they cannot be withdrawn).

Many traders, regardless of their level of experience, request this promotion to start investing in cryptocurrencies with greater advantage. In extremely volatile markets such as digital currencies, having a good fund deposit is important. It is essential to have a proper portfolio diversification, to be prepared in case of loss, and to expand a positive investment.

  • In a market dominated by extreme volatility, having extra funds to expand your investment margin increases the chances of earning profits.
  • It helps to have accurate portfolio diversification.
  • Each trader can open higher positions than their actual invested capital.
  • Profits can be withdrawn quickly and at any time.
  • It supports margin trading (for cryptocurrencies, a leverage of 1:20).

Request the 50% first deposit bonus

Advantages of cryptocurrency trading with 4XC

4XC allows traders to invest in the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies through Contracts for Difference (CFDs). This type of investment allows clients to trade on price fluctuations without necessarily having to purchase the product they have decided to invest in. The trading conditions offered are as follows:

  • Trading on cryptocurrencies via CFDs.
  • Maximum leverage allowed is 1:20.
  • Any trading strategy is allowed.
  • Free access to informational materials and signals.
  • No Dealing Desk intervention.
  • No conflict of interest.

The range of cryptocurrencies available for investment includes BTCUSDxx, ETHUSDxx, LTCUSDxx, RPLUSDxx. By consulting the table below, it will be possible to learn in detail about each individual offered instrument.

Symbol Instrument Maximum leverage Minimum lot available Platform
BTCUSDxx Bitcoin vs US Dollar 1:20 0.01 MT4-MT5
ETHUSDxx Ethereum vs US Dollar 1:20 0.01 MT4-MT5
LTCUSDxx Litecoin vs US Dollar 1:20 0.01 MT4-MT5
BCHUSDxx Bitcoin Cash vs US Dollar 1:20 0.01 MT4-MT5
RPLUSDxx Ripple vs US Dollar 1:20 0.01 MT4-MT5

By taking advantage of the extra funds from the 50% first deposit bonus and the trading conditions offered, the customer can invest in the listed instruments, creating more accurate strategies necessary to quickly achieve their goals. In highly volatile markets, it is important to:

  • Stay up to date on any changes or influential news.
  • React promptly in order to take full advantage.
  • Know in detail the characteristics and trends of the product you are investing in.
  • Diversify investments strategically in order to buffer any losses and minimize risks arising from volatility.

Request the 50% first deposit bonus

Terms and conditions of the 4XC’s bonus

Like any promotional initiative, the 4XC’s first deposit bonus has terms and conditions of use to be read carefully and accepted before making the request by filling out the form. Below is a summary of the main information and rules of the promotion.

  • Any customer can request the promotion, except for traders residing in the United States, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and Indonesia. Bonus funds are not transferable and can only be used by the requesting trader.
  • Bonus funds cannot be withdrawn but can only be used for trading purposes.
  • Since they are considered as margin credit, bonus funds cannot be used to offset any negative balances.
  • The offer is not compatible with other promotions available with the broker. Therefore, if the interested trader has other active promotions on their account, they must open a new account to proceed with the request.
  • The customer can transfer or withdraw profits at any time, but this will result in the total cancellation of the promotion from the requester’s account.
  • In case the trader makes a withdrawal transaction despite having open positions, the cancellation of the bonus may cause a decrease in the margin required to sustain the open positions.

Request the 50% first deposit bonus