This is a bit unusual request from a Crypto exchange, but Binance is willing to offer 250,000 USD to a person who supply information of the hacker(s) who attempted to hack Binance Exchange.

The hacking attempt was made on March 7th, Wednesday.

Although the hacking wasn’t successful, Binance is very keen on this matter as the event was a large-scale, organized effort.

Now Binance Exchange wants to prevent any instances of hacking before they occur.

What kind of Information needed?

The information on the hacking attempt on March 7th, needs to lead to the legal arrest of the hackers involved in the incident.

$250,000 USD equivalent bounty will be given to the person, or distributed if multiple sources/segments of data are used to lead to the final legal arrests.

*The bounty will be given in BNB, and the exchange rate will be determined at time of transfer.
*If your local laws allow, you may remain anonymous.

After the incident, Binance has also prepared $10,000,000 USD in Crypto reserves for future bounty awards in case of future hacking attempts.

There maybe more chances for you to earn extra bounty if you follow the latest News with Binance.

For more information on the hacking attempt or the bounty above, please contact Binance support team.

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