Open BitEclipse’s Crypto Account for Margin Trading

With BitEclipse, you can trade multi asset class (Forex, Commodity, Index CFD, and Crypto) in 1 platform 24h / 365d via crypto currency (BTC or ETH).

The BitEclipse allows you Quick Margin Charge so as not to miss a trading opportunity and avoid margin call or stop-out through the crypto payment method.

You can open a trading account in 10 seconds only with your e-mail address from “Sign Up” here.

BitEclipse does not provide a Demo for traders but don’t worry, as the BitEclipse Service UI is very Simple and Intuitive so that you can utilize the service quickly and easily.

Your BitEclipse Account and Balance are Valid forever.

However, please pay well attention to the Dormant Account which is also mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.

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Is BitEclipse a safe service?

The BitEclipse adopts cutting-edge technology to secure clients’ assets from any kind of possible/imaginable fear.

Your BitEclipse Account is protected by ID, PW, Captcha, IP Block, and 2FA (Factor Authentication), etc.

In case the BitEclipse goes down, you will not be able to log in to your Trading Account nor temporally utilize the Service there.

Should you have sent BTC (or ETH) Before or After the down-time, your BTC (or ETH) Deposit is still very safe and will be automatically reflected on your Account Balance if your BTC (or ETH) has arrived at your Account Address by the time BitEclipse gets to recover.

After the recovery, the BitEclipse will operate:

  1. Detect how many BTC (or ETH) Transactions (Deposit by Traders) were missed while the down-time.
  2. Describe All the Missed Transactions as CSV Data File for Manual Double-Check.
  3. Recover and Reflect All the Missed Transactions Automatically quickly after the recovery.

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Fund Deposit and Withdrawal for BitEclipse Web Trader

At this moment, you can Transfer and Deposit the following CryptoCurrency, BTC and ETH.

BitEclipse does NOT accept FIAT Currency.

To make a deposit to BitEclipse’s account, you can find your Unique Address in the “DEPOSIT” section in your BitEclipse Account.

The Address is tagged with your Trading Account so that BitEclipse can identify from whom they received a fund automatically and to which trader account they should reflect a balance.

The processing time will depend on:

  1. Crypto Currency Nature;
  2. How fast your Wallet or Exchange Operator can Handle and Process your request;
  3. How fast the Confirmation Process finishes.

These steps may finish very quickly, sometimes it may take a lot more time than you expected.

Please wait for a moment. Once you transfer BTC or ETH to your Unique Address at your BitEclipse Account and when step (C) starts, you will shortly get an E-mail Alert (if set-up so) to let you know the fund transfer process has started and if step (C) is finished, you will get the notice and your BitEclipse Account Balance will be updated.

All these processes will be made automatically, but no manual operation.

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  • BitEclipse adopts “Multi-Sig” technology for both BTC and ETH to realize higher security. Please do not worry. We can accept both “Multi-Sig” & “Single-Sig” Deposits by BTC and ETH.
  • XRP Deposit MUST require BOTH XRP Address & XRP Tag Information. Should you miss including the Tag at deposit, your fund will be LOST forever.
  • Please check the “PayPal Transaction Fee”. If the deposit amount is too small and less than “Minimum Deposit”, your deposit will be 0 or minus in the worst case.
  • If you do NOT want to be annoyed with BTC and / or ETH market risk as Margin Fund, OR if you are utilizing our BitEclipse Trading Account Wallet as a Merchandiser, we strongly recommend to try this function to settle all risk & payment in US Dollar base.

Fund Withdrawals from BitEclipse’s account

As long as your Account Balance of ANY currency does NOT have a negative balance, you can request withdrawal – either BTC or ETH at any time you like.

The most mistake BitEclipse often sees is that you may miss the following steps for Withdraw Request.

You should follow;

  1. Withdraw Request on BitEclipse Trading Platform;
  2. Receive “Withdraw Confirmation E-mail” from BitEclipse;
  3. Click the “URL Link” shown in the E-mail;
  4. Verify if the request is TRULY made by you.

Or if BitEclipse has acknowledged the case that some “Wallet” or “Exchange Market” could not accept “Multi-Sig” BTC or ETH Deposit and your fund might NOT be reflected there in the worst case even though BTC or ETH Network has successfully processed the transaction without any issue or problem.

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  • Please be aware. Once requested, will NEVER be able to cancel. Minimum Withdraw Amount: BTC = 0.002, ETH = 0.1, XRP = 10
  • Withdraw Request made until New York 5 p.m. will be handled during Early Next Business Day by BitEclipse’s back-office manually from our Cold Wallet.
  • The “Tx Fee” is JUST ESTIMATION FEE for BTC or ETH Miner, therefore you may receive LESS or MORE than your expectation.
  • Test First: Try to send the fund to the Address where you have NEVER transferred before through BitEclipse.
  • Re-Check: Have not sent the fund for a long time since the last payout through BitEclipse.
  • Some Wallet or Exchange can not accept “Multi-Sig / Smart Contract / Contract Internal Transaction” BTC or ETH Deposit and your fund may NOT be reflected there in the worst case even though BTC or ETH Network has successfully processed the transaction.

Regarding BitEclipse’s API

To use the BitEclipse API, you need to get the “BET (BitEclipse Token) Ranking Qualification” for both RESTful and WebSocket API.

Please visit here for more details.

And the RESTful API is set up 60 API Call Restriction/min, on the other hand, the WebSocket is not.

Should you over-call beyond the restriction, your call will be shut down automatically for 1 hour and valid again after then.

What is the difference between “RESTful API” and “WebSocket API”? – Besides strict technical definition, please simply understand that the RESTful is non-real-time, but the WebSocket is real-time API.
Unfortunately, BitEclipse does not support and help anything related to API usage.

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Solutions for BitEclipse’s account and trading problems

You can’t log in to your account on BitEclipse’s Web Trader? You can’t start trading?

Here are solutions for the most frequent issues by traders of BitEclipse.

I have not yet received a confirmation E-mail after “Sign Up”?
Please make sure you registered “Correct E-mail Address”, check “Junk Mail Box”, check “Auto E-mail Forwarding” or ask your “ISP” or “E-mail Service Provider”. If you have not clicked “E-mail Verification URL Link” for 24h since Sing Up, BitEclipse’s system will send you “Reminder E-mail” every 24h for another 6 days until you click it.
I can not log in to My Account?
If you can not log in to your BitEclipse Trading Account, please try and follow the next steps; make sure your ID and / or PW was correct, check the access is allowed by seeing “Web Platform” → “SECURITY” → “IP WHITELIST” → “Mobile Login”, make sure that your Android / iOS is the latest version, try to change your PW and follow the previous steps again or contact BitEclipse from the query with a) BitEclipse Login ID, b) IP Address (both Web and Mobile), and C) details of your situation; which section (Web or Mobile) you could not log in, Browser / Android or iOS you are using, the special character you use for PW i.e. #, $,%, or @ etc. to investigate well.
Why I can not get an Alert E-mail?
Please log in and go to the “SECURITY” → “ALERT” section to make sure if you have activated some functions to get an Alert E-mail. Also, please check if your E-mail Address is Correct and Valid. Or, Junk-Box in your E-mail Account.
I can’t log in with 2FA?
If you lost or got broken/stolen your Device which equips 2FA, then please contact BitEclipse for help. BitEclipse will change your 2FA to OTP. If you got “Wrong 2FA Token” error message, then please make sure; input the Correct 2FA Number, scan New QR Code again after you tried “CHANGE 2FA Code”.
Why I cannot trade on the Web Trader?
If you see any Minus Balance Currency on your account, the system automatically locks for “New Position Make” until you get the balance recovered over 0 amount. However, you can “Close Open Position” even during that lock period without any restriction. Please NEVER leave such Minus Balance as it is. You should newly “Deposit” a Margin Fund and “Exchange” it into Minus Balance Currency to compensate for the loss. Unless otherwise you do so and make a new trade in a year, your account will be “CLOSED” as per “Terms & Conditions”.

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