OKCoin - What's now?

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The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) officially kicked off over the weekend, capturing some of the most influential thought leaders in the bitcoin space.

The three-day event aimed at gathering the community in order to explain future prospects and challenges for bitcoin.

For the first time in the history of any conference outside of Asia, OKCoin’s CEO took the floor to address the future of bitcoin as well as OKCoin’s role within the industry in the upcoming future.

Star debuted his US presence and expressed how mass consumer adoption remains as one of the most difficult challenges in the industry, stating how despite a marked decrease in the price of bitcoin, the future of this innovation remains promising.

He calls for a change in the perspectives’ of exchanges, affirming current functionality of platforms will not lead to mass adoption.

A spokesperson from OKCoin affirmed:

“With Star’s presence at TNABC, we aimed not only to dismantle some of the misconceptions about the Chinese market, but also highlight the potential OKCoin has to become a key player in the bitcoin industry on a global scale.”

His presentation was direct and called for the industry to realize how despite the future predictions of price fluctuations, there needs to be a change in the view on how bitcoin can become mainstream and useful for societies across the globe.

“I am very pleased of having the opportunity to engage with some of our industry’s leaders during this event. We need a tight-knit community dedicated to working towards our ultimate goal – bitcoin adoption”

revealed Star.

The conference ended today with a high attendee turnout despite some last minute cancellations and schedule changes.