“Learn Coins and Earn Coins”: Complete the quiz and receive cryptocurrency.

Binance will launch the third round of “Learn Coins and Earn Coins” campaign.

Users read articles, videos and pass quizzes to learn about blockchain and have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

Browse the articles and videos of the activity items corresponding to the “Learn Coins and Earn Coins” page, and complete the rewarded quiz at 16:00 on May 06, 2022 (East Eighth District time), and qualified users who have completed identity verification will have the opportunity to In the third round of ” Learn Coins and Earn Coins”, receive BUSD, SHIB, XTZ, IMX, and MULTI.

The reward amount depends on different course content, and users can refer to the product page for display. Each user can only claim rewards once in the same course.

Binance will update the content of the “Learn Coins Earn Coins” platform from time to time.

Token rewards are limited in supply, and you are invited to participate immediately.

Rewards will be issued in limited quantities and will be based on a first-come, first-served basis. And for the same course, users are only eligible to receive the award once.

Binance reserves the right to cancel user qualifications for fraud, illegal batch registration of accounts, counterfeiting and market manipulation.

Rewards will be distributed to eligible users who have completed the test within 48 hours.

Users can visit: Account > Card and Coupon Center to view the corresponding rewards.

Binance reserves the right to terminate the campaign at any time without prior notice to users.

Binance accounts can only be used by the registrant, and Binance reserves the right to terminate, freeze, and cancel the qualifications of such user accounts.

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