Bybit Leveraged Token Trading Contest

Bybit Leveraged Token Trading Contest is now open!

Still don’t know how to leverage higher returns through leveraged tokens?

In order to let everyone fully understand the relevant knowledge of leveraged tokens and gain an advantage in the trading competition, the Bybit Chinese community has specially launched the leveraged token “Learn Now and Earn Now” activity.

Watch the live broadcast of the class and learn together to win the airdrop.

Class Topic: Leveraged Tokens – Short-Term Investment in One-sided Markets

Special guest: Manta

Time: 25 Aug 2022 20:00 (SGT)

There are three more benefits waiting for you to get:

Sunshine: Lucky viewers will be randomly selected from the live broadcast room, and a total of 20 * 10 USDT airdrops will be given away

After-class quiz: Bybit Chinese exchange group will give out 10 * 20 USDT cash airdrops for a limited time

Leveraged Token Trading Competition: Participate in the 10,500 USDT prize pool, and GrabPic NFT and USDT airdrop rewards are waiting for you to unlock.

Only Bybit users are eligible to win this event, and each user can win the prize at most once. If you have not registered a Bybit account, click here to register now.

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