MEXC Launchpad Upgrades Again – Quick Commit Button!

MEXC Launchpad Introduces Revolutionary “Quick Commit” Button and Exciting Additional Enhancements!

MEXC Launchpad Introduces “Quick Commit” Button

The increasingly popular cryptocurrency exchange MEXC is making significant strides in its growth journey, as evidenced by the expanding diversity of tokens it offers and the burgeoning number of Launchpad and Kickstarter events it hosts. As of today, users can participate in an impressive variety of more than 20 events every week, each offering the potential for a lucrative airdrop reward, totalling over 20+ opportunities per week.

However, with this rapid expansion and the subsequent rise in event offerings, a new challenge has emerged: navigation. The sheer volume of events can be overwhelming, making it difficult for users to keep track of and participate in all available opportunities. In a move indicative of MEXC’s constant strive towards better user experience and innovation, this challenge has now been addressed with the exciting introduction of the “Quick Commit” button. This is in addition to several other minor yet impactful upgrades designed to enhance the user experience and streamline participation.

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Introducing the Quick Commit Button – Your Passport to One-Click Investments!

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The innovative Quick Commit Button is a game-changer designed to drastically simplify user participation in multiple events. With just a single click, users can join all the current ongoing events they have not yet invested in. This effectively eliminates the time-consuming and often tedious task of manually searching for these events on the platform.

This strategic innovation is not just about saving time; it’s also about maximizing opportunities. By enabling users to join all ongoing events with a single click, the Quick Commit Button ensures that users never miss out on any potential airdrop opportunities, thereby maximizing their potential for rewards.

The Quick Commit Button therefore offers several transformative benefits to investors:

  • It streamlines and simplifies the process of participating in multiple events simultaneously, thus making it user-friendly even for novice investors.
  • It saves valuable time by eliminating the need for manual searches for ongoing events on the platform, making the investment process more efficient.
  • It increases the likelihood of airdrop rewards by ensuring comprehensive participation in all ongoing events, thus maximizing the investment return.

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Unveiling Three Stages of Events and Enhanced Multi-Token Prize Pools

In addition to the Quick Commit Button, MEXC is also introducing a new way of categorizing events starting from May 8, 2023. The three new stages of events – In Progress, Pre-Hype, and In Settlement – are designed to provide a more organized and user-friendly viewing experience.

In Progress events are now conveniently sorted based on their end time, with events ending sooner appearing at the top of the list. This prioritization allows users to quickly identify and focus on the events that require immediate attention.

Pre-Hype events are those that are still in the pipeline and have not yet officially started but are already generating a significant amount of anticipation and buzz among the investor community.

On the other hand, In Settlement events are those that have already concluded and are currently in the process of settlement, offering a clear view of the upcoming rewards.

Moreover, MEXC Launchpad is now embracing the concept of multi-token prize pools. This exciting upgrade means that a single prize pool can now consist of both newly launched coins and USDT, significantly enhancing the value proposition for users participating in Launchpad and Kickstarter events.

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How To Join the Fun of MEXC’s Launchpad or Kickstarter Campaigns?

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Engaging in MEXC’s Launchpad or Kickstarter campaigns is a straightforward process that has been designed with user convenience in mind:

  1. Begin by purchasing and holding MX Tokens in your spot wallet.
  2. Maintain a minimum balance of 1,000 MX Tokens in your spot wallet for a period of 15 consecutive days for Kickstarter campaigns or 30 consecutive days for Launchpad events.
  3. Once the required holding period has passed, you can commit the MX Tokens to a Non-lockup Event, essentially pledging your tokens towards the event.
  4. Next, click on the Quick Commit Button. This single action allows you to join all events happening simultaneously, thereby maximizing your chances of gaining airdrop rewards.
  5. After the event concludes, the system will initially divide the total prize pool among the participants. Following this, the system will distribute the airdrops based on each user’s proportion of valid commitment, ensuring a fair distribution of rewards.

Remember, the number of airdrops you receive directly correlates with the number of MX Tokens you commit. The more tokens you commit, the larger your share of airdrops!

After the airdrop reward distribution is complete, you can navigate to the Reward History Page to gain detailed information about the airdrops you have received.
With the introduction of these thoughtful upgrades, including the revolutionary Quick Commit Button, MEXC continues to set new standards in user experience and efficient participation for its Launchpad. So why wait? Join now to start reaping the benefits of free airdrops while enjoying a streamlined, hassle-free investment experience!

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