Whether logging into your account or releasing bitcoins, what do you do if you have trouble using Paxful? There are several ways to submit a ticket to Paxful’s customer support team.


PaxBot is Paxful’s automated assistant, which you can find at the bottom right of the screen on the website (purple circle with white dialog).

Paxbot on paxful website

This is the most convenient option for most users and is very accessible. To submit a ticket through PaxBot, simply enter a question while logged in. Remember that messages sent to PaxBot must be in English.

After creating a customer support ticket with PaxBot, you will receive an email from [email protected] Don’t forget to check the customer support emails you receive. The sender’s email address may only be [email protected]

Please note that any questions sent to [email protected] will be received, but this email will not be used to reply to users. Receive instant updates with PaxBot.

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Via the official social media accounts

The Paxful community is always happy to help. If you have any questions, you can send to Paxful’s official social media accounts to ask. Nonetheless, submitting support tickets through PaxBot is still the best option, especially for urgent issues.

You can also receive the latest news through Paxful’s official social media channels.

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How Paxful can help you

Remember, the Paxful customer support team is always here for you. The experience of platform users is Paxful’s top priority, please contact and let Paxful know if you have any of the following questions or concerns:

  • Market
  • Paxful’s Products (Paxful Earnings, Paxful Wallet, App, etc.)
  • Any Dispute
  • Your Paxful account

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Identifying fake Paxful customer support accounts

Unfortunately, quite a few people (or groups) have been trying to reach Paxful’s users through fake social media accounts and customer support emails. Let’s look at some examples and identify the red flags so you can get the full picture.

*Please note that any malicious accounts you will see here are no longer active and have been dealt with.

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Fake Instagram account

be aware of paxful's fake Instagram account

Instagram is a popular platform for Bitcoin enthusiasts, but it also means that malicious people lurk here, trying to steal user accounts through phishing. For example, this account tried to copy Paxful’s latest post, pretending to be the official account.

We said that just by looking closely, you can tell them apart. The syntax of the account name is incorrect, Paxful’s team will check this before confirming the account – this is red flag #1.

scam activities imitating Paxful official

In this follow-up image, we can see how the account chats with potential customers, telling them they won the giveaway.

First of all, the first message is very informal, which is a big red flag. Second, any giveaways administered by Paxful should be announced via Paxful’s email, the social media accounts, or Paxful University. In the end, the message was written sloppily (Paxful didn’t even capitalize). Consider these factors if you receive a message from an Instagram account claiming to be Paxful.

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Fake Facebook account

paxful fake facebook account

Facebook is another social media platform where criminals lurk. The account, which calls itself the Paxful App , has just announced that a user has won a prize of 0.25 BTC, which can be claimed by simply clicking on a short link.

In this case, we can see that the information is poorly written. The formatting is all messed up, probably the user of this account copied the text from another application. Another red flag is the wording of messages — the syntax and grammar don’t align with the rest of Paxful’s social media. Also, keep in mind that Paxful never urges users to click on suspicious links, so please don’t do that.

how fake sns acccount will try to scam you

In a similar case, the account calling itself Paxful (note the accent on the letter “u”) called for donations. First, the call to donate is made through comments on Facebook. Also, Paxful only encourages donations, never asks for them, and Paxful doesn’t announce in Facebook comments. Similar to the aforementioned red flags, the wording of this commentary is very sketchy. Proper nouns are not capitalized, the formatting is confusing, and the overuse of emoji and spaces makes the entire message very informal.

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Fake twitter account

paxful fake twitter account

Twitter is another platform where fraudulent accounts can lurk. In this case, the account named @Paxfuly (notice the extra “y”) provides the user with an email address to contact. Check out the list of official email addresses we provided earlier, and you’ll notice that the email address in this tweet is not among them.

This is a common tactic used in phishing scams, not just for Paxful users. So it’s important to know which emails are official so that we can avoid the pitfalls of having account details stolen.

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Fake Paxful customer support emails

Fake Paxful customer support emails

Speaking of email, even emails sent directly to your inbox can be fraudulent and get you scammed. Take the photo above, in this case a user who actually submitted a customer service ticket received the email, which is an elaborate phishing tactic.

However, as long as we take note of Paxful’s official email address, we can easily identify the scam. This email was sent from [email protected] and is not on the official list. Another red flag is that they used a reproduction photo of the logo every time they mentioned the company name. Likewise, there are problems with grammar and syntax in emails, so make sure you read the content carefully, or at least judge for yourself how trustworthy it is.

Fake Paxful customer support emails 2

Again, a similar scam in the photo above. Here, the scammer tries to trick the user with the promise of a $20,000 reward, as long as the user deposits $600 first . This is an old trick used in the early days of the internet and now used in the Bitcoin industry. Again, the email address that sent this information is not on the official list.

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Contact Paxful official support team

Trading on Paxful is easy, allowing you to easily and quickly trade with anyone in the world. However, even with the many benefits, users may face confusion in certain situations.

At Paxful, the customer support team is always happy to help you. As mentioned above, whether simple or urgent, Paxful is willing to hear from users through any of the official channels.

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