Security is the first priority in all tasks of BTCC.

Whether it is about user assets or BTCC’s platform security, BTCC actively updates and maintain the security measures to ensure a safe and reliable trading environment for the global users.

In the 11 years of operation, BTCC has never had any security incidents, and strive to protect users’ assets through the industry-leading security measures.

The trust of users is very important to BTCC, and BTCC will do the best to ensure that your assets on the BTCC platform are safe and secure.

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Platform Security Policy Focused From the Beginning

Complete isolation of user assets User funds are strictly isolated from BTCC assets. BTCC never uses users’ funds for its own business activities.

Multi-signature cold wallet All user assets are stored in a multi-signature cold wallet to prevent unauthorized access by third parties, network hackers or unscrupulous persons.

Penetration Testing the team of security experts conduct regular internal and external system audits to ensure that BTCC is free from hackers.

Personal Data Security All personal data is encrypted in the system and access rights are strictly monitored.

No transfer of assets BTCC has never issued any tokens or mortgaged any tokens for loans.

BTCC is not involved in any staking or other projects. BTCC’s financial status is not dependent on any lending scheme.

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User security

Identity Verification (KYC) is recommended that users verify their identity on BTCC to enjoy higher security as well as higher daily withdrawal limits.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Withdrawals For account security, users need to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for withdrawals.

In addition to account passwords, users can add an additional layer of security by configuring any of the following:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Mobile phone number verification
  • Email verification
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How to make your account more secure?

BTCC recommends that customers make their accounts more secure in order to protect the funds and information in the customer account. In order to make your account more secure, BTCC recommends that you bind your mobile phone number, personal mailbox, and Google verification

Here is how to make your account more secure.

Please open the BTCC APP homepage and click the following icon:

How to secure your BTCC account on app

Please click on the icon below:

2 How to secure your BTCC account on app

Here you can choose which one to bind, it is recommended that you bind all for the security of your account

You can choose which 2FA methods to enable. Users are recommended to enable all for maximum account security.

Enable “Withdrawal Verification”.

btcc Enable Withdrawal Verification.

You can enable just one, or all of them.

When you enable “Withdrawal Verification”, you will be required to enter a verification code every time you withdraw coins, so that your account assets are more secure.

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