Christmas promotion is here.

IRONX has a luxurious Bonus scheme for investors with over $50,000 in IRONX exchange.

Now, addition to this promotion, you can also get extra bonus for all deposits between $100 and $49,999.

The promotion runs from December 24th 2018 to January 7th 2019.

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IRONX Official Website

The public sale of the IRX token has already been extended till January 15, 2019.

You still have time to join this revolutionary Crypto exchange & community.

IRONX already has a market of over 1 million investors and financial license.

The exchange has also launched the public beta version of its crypto exchange on December 21st 2018, which provides incentives from trading bonuses, free upgrades of accounts and higher leverages.

Not like a normal Crypto Exchange, but IRONX has a lot of advantages to offer for investors.

For more information about the service and the promotion, please visit the Official Website of IRONX.