Invest in Porsche AG and get in pole position

IPO of the year – Porsche AG (Ticker: P911)

Legendary luxury car manufacturer Porsche will go public on Thursday 29th September, but did you know you can take pole position earlier?

Bitpanda has just enabled the pre-OPA on the fastest Public Offering for Sale (OPV) of the year: Porsche AG (Ticker: P911)

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An iconic brand

Porsche is one of the world’s most successful luxury car manufacturers (based on 2021 unit sales in the global luxury car segment; source: S&P Global, “S&P Global Mobility Light Vehicle Sales Forecast”, April 2022 ).

From the famous 911 model to the familiar Cayenne, the company has continued to innovate without ever losing its style.

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The fastest IPO of the year

The initial public offering will take place on Thursday, September 29, giving investors and Porsche fans the opportunity to be a part of the company’s continued growth.

However, the Bitpanda community can participate today through Bitpanda Stocks* thanks to a pre-IPO on Porsche AG (Ticker: 911).

“We are on the right track: We believe that Porsche AG, with its strong business model and convincing financial results, is ready to launch its IPO,” said Lutz Meschke, Vice Chairman of the Board of Management and Board Member responsible for Finance and IT of Porsche AG.

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Porsche AG v Porsche Automobile Holding

Porsche is already present on the market, but with some differences.

Porsche AG is distinct from Porsche Automobile Holding (Ticker: PAH3).

The latter serves as a holding company for subsidiaries of Porsche AG and is not directly involved in the manufacture and sale of actual cars.

Please note that Bitpanda Stocks are contracts that replicate an underlying stock or ETF.

Pre-IPO trading is subject to the availability of Lang & Schwarz pricing information.

Pre-IPO prices are not necessarily indicative of prices on and after IPO day.

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