OKCoin - What's now?

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OKCoin today announced the addition of Iceberg Algorithmic trade orders to their futures platform.

OKCoin cited the strong feedback from the trading community requesting the continued rollout of their algo orders as a large factor in their decision to bring over iceberg orders that have been available for spot trading since mid-July 2014.

Iceberg orders allow traders to move into and out of large positions without making a large impact on the market and therefore minimizing slippage.

An iceberg order automatically takes a single large order and breaks it up into multiple smaller orders following parameters set by the user.

When one of the smaller orders is filled, another one will automatically be placed into the market until the sum amount of contracts have been purchased or sold.

OKCoin will be the only exchange platform in the industry that offers not only iceberg orders, but a full suite of algorithmic trade orders, on both spot and futures trading.

After making an appearance at the North American Bitcoin Conference, Star Xu emphasized on creating a bitcoin ecosystem and focusing on securing a seamless trading experience for all users on our platform.

This is merely one of the first steps in continuing the process to reach that goal.

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