Why mobile trading is so popular?

Due to the new “fintech” craze, the number of mobile trading users is increasing. It provides a more convenient environment for millennials who do not want to miss a trading opportunity anytime, anywhere. From the stock market, FX, commodity, and digital currency trading, mobile trading now dominates most financial markets.

With the advent of smartphones equipped with various functions and high-performance operating systems, trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, and cTrader can be easily used on smartphones. According to a 2017 Deloitte report, 92% of those aged 25-34 and 83% of those aged 35-54 are using a smartphone.

In addition, various applications have been developed explosively in recent years, and various things, including Internet shopping, can be done easily with a smartphone. In this atmosphere, mobile trading also naturally joined the ranks.

Seizing the buy, sell opportunity to make a profit in the market is the most important part of any trader. Mobile trading allows immediate order execution. It is especially helpful for those who have difficulty accessing the terminal at work or have to travel frequently.

In addition, it is true that it is opening up more trading opportunities for retired people and part-time traders who are not comfortable using the desktop platform. Due to the recent increase in social media use, the volume of transactions in social trading apps is also increasing. Applications like this allow traders to interact with each other, share their experiences and even helpful trading tips.

As technology advances, today’s mobile trading goes beyond simply using basic functions without a computer. You can chat with expert analysts via video chat while entering and clearing orders.

Start Investing in Crypto on your Mobile Phones

You can invest in Crypto through Mobile Phones

Mobile trading has been confirmed to have a positive impact on global trading volume growth. For the quantitative and qualitative growth of the cryptocurrency industry, cryptocurrency exchanges and investment companies must provide mobile trading services. Lack of liquidity will result in investors continuing to struggle to find buyers/sellers when they want to. One-third of the world’s population uses smartphones, and it is projected to rise to 40% by 2021. Therefore, mobile trading support of cryptocurrency exchanges will become an important part.

IronX Exchange will provide customers with a variety of platforms by incorporating advanced technologies. In the cryptocurrency market where prices change in a short amount of time, this is a necessary part for smooth trading and will prevent the additional cost of slippage.

For the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, it is more important than ever to provide customers with a smooth mobile transaction environment.

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Invest in Crypto Smartly and Efficiently

The upcoming IronX exchange was created as a joint venture between EmurgoHK invented Cardano with IronFX Group, a global online trading platform leader. IronX aims to provide better services by combining the latest blockchain technology in addition to the flexibility and convenience built into the existing platform. Through the IronX project, which experts in each field are working with, IronFX provides an opportunity for all users to access cryptocurrency more easily and conveniently. To this end, IronFX’s platform provides an effective risk management method.

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Take Advantage of Crypto Market Volatility

Market volatility refers to the change in the value of a financial asset within a certain period of time. “The price is stable” means that the asset has low volatility. In a highly volatile market, prices move quickly between highs and lows, providing great opportunities for profits, but they also increase the likelihood of potential losses.

Therefore, if you are trading in a highly volatile market, you need to have appropriate risk management measures in place. It is also a good opportunity for traders and investors if prices fall due to market volatility. For those who have avoided investing due to the high price, IronFX offers the possibility to consider it again.

As the market becomes more volatile, risk management is becoming more and more necessary. Hedging is the most basic function of risk management, but it requires a deep understanding of the market in order to use it properly in a timely and methodological manner. To keep track of the market, you need to keep an eye on the latest news and markets. If investors are unable to respond to market changes immediately, they may miss investment opportunities or lead to losses. The most effective way to minimize possible losses is through limit orders.

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Use limit orders to manage risks

A limit order is a function that allows you to enter a buy/sell position when the price reaches the desired level. Using a limit order is one of the most popular features for many traders because it allows you to stick to your investment strategy by avoiding potential losses or protecting your profit position.

Limit orders are used to enter a buy or sell order at a specific price. Regardless of your trading goals, setting a limit order can benefit from a highly volatile market. IronX offers a variety of advanced trading tools, as well as a limit order function, available to manage cryptocurrency trading risk.

IronX exchanges will differentiate themselves from other exchanges based on the connections with global banks already owned by the IronFX Group, various deposit and withdrawal methods, multiple licenses, a wide range of retail customers of over 1.2 million, and excellent operational know-how.

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What you should know before investing in Crypto

What are some things to watch out for before you start trading cryptocurrency?
Choosing a good cryptocurrency exchange is the first step in entering the digital currency market. However, some unregulated exchanges are being troubled by insufficient infrastructure provision and security issues.

IronX Exchange is designed to make it easy for new investors to enter the cryptocurrency market. IronX will support a variety of transactions through fiat deposits and withdrawals, even if new investors do not have cryptocurrency by supporting the seamless connection between its trading platform and financial institutions that have approved cryptocurrency transactions.

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So, let’s take a look at the important points in choosing a cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Regulations and Licenses

Unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges can be a big problem for users with insufficient security and unstable remittance services. Various protocols such as sign-up process, system capabilities and remittance processing are important factors in choosing an exchange. Over the years, I have heard news that a large amount of cryptocurrencies have been hacked by exchanges. That’s why choosing an exchange with safeguards such as KYC and AML is essential to protect your assets.

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2. Lack of liquidity

Exchanges with insufficient trading volume cause traders to waste slippage costs. The order window will become shallower with inefficient supply and demand, such as the minimum order amount. Such low volume will hinder the influx of new investors and will have a negative impact on the overall volume of the market. This will have a huge impact on the profitability of traders in the cryptocurrency market with high price volatility.

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3. Broker’s Customer support

The inexperienced customer support team cannot provide quick troubleshooting. Many unregulated exchanges do not support professional customer support services. Exchanges that offer poor customer communication, complex interfaces, and limited language services should be avoided.

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4. Conversion between Fiat and cryptocurrency

As most exchanges do not support cryptocurrency trading with fiat currency, entry for new investors was difficult, which had a negative impact on the market.

IronX Exchange will take this into account and combine it with multilateral connectivity and previous online trading services to provide even greater trading volumes. IronFX will support cryptocurrency trading services for everyone with fixed transfer fees and a variety of easy cryptocurrency purchase services.

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