Trading Cryptocurrencies with Tickmill: Your Guide to the Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies are creating waves across the globe and have brought a revolution in the financial world. As a decentralised network, they offer a platform for transactions without the need for intermediaries. This means that financial exchanges can take place directly between parties, without the involvement of central authorities or financial institutions.

Unbacked by any real-world commodity or central bank, the value of cryptocurrencies is primarily based on the law of supply and demand. Hence, their price fluctuates according to the market sentiment and the number of people who wish to buy or sell them at any given time.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Ripple, Stellar, Chainlink, Solana, and EOS are gaining popularity at a breakneck pace. Powered by the secure and transformative technology of blockchain, these digital currencies unlock new opportunities every day.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with Tickmill

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies with Tickmill?

Trading cryptocurrencies with Tickmill is an opportunity to leverage a popular and rapidly evolving market. Powered by disruptive fintech innovation, Tickmill offers an engaging platform to trade CFDs on the world’s leading cryptocurrencies. With an average execution speed of 0.20s, Tickmill provides 24/7 trading and offers leverage up to 1:200, allowing traders to take advantage of market volatility.

The following are some of the key trading instruments Tickmill offers with respective spreads:

Instrument Minimum Spread Typical Spread Long Position Short Position
ADAUSD 0.007 0.02 0 0
BTCUSD 12 24.9 0 0
EOSUSD 0.01 0.02 0 0
ETHUSD 1.01 2.06 0 0
LINKUSD 0.08 0.13 0 0
LTCUSD 0.04 0.08 0 0
SOLUSD 0.15 0.15 0 0
XLMUSD 0.002 0.002 0 0
XRPUSD 0.0002 0.001 0 0

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Meet The Cryptos

Let’s take a brief look at some of the top cryptocurrencies you can trade on Tickmill:

Bitcoin (BTC):
Launched in January 2009, Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency that operates without a central bank or single administrator. Bitcoin has not only dominated the crypto space but has also paved the way for numerous other cryptocurrencies.
Ethereum (ETH):
Ethereum is a decentralised, open-source blockchain platform that enables the creation and maintenance of public ledgers. It also allows anyone to deploy permanent and immutable decentralised applications onto it.
Litecoin (LTC):
Launched in 2011, Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that operates on an open-source global payment network without the control of any central authority.
Cardano (ADA):
Cardano is a third-generation, decentralised proof-of-stake blockchain platform designed as an efficient alternative to proof-of-work networks. The platform is known for its scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.
Ripple (XRP):
Released in 2012, Ripple enables secure, instant, and almost free global financial transactions with no chargebacks. It is highly efficient, with transactions settling in just a few seconds.
Stellar (XLM):
Stellar is a distributed, hybrid blockchain platform that enables fast, low-cost international transactions. It aims to facilitate cross-asset transfers of value, including payments.
Chainlink (LINK):
Chainlink is a decentralised oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain. LINK is the digital asset token used to pay for services on the network.
Solana (SOL):
Solana is a high-performance, open-source project implementing a new, permissionless blockchain. It is known for its scalability, supporting thousands of transactions per second without sacrificing security or decentralisation.
EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS. The protocol emulates most of the attributes of a real computer, including hardware with the computing resources distributed equally among EOS cryptocurrency holders.

Open an account with Tickmill

How to Start Trading with Tickmill

Step 1 – Open an account:
Create an account on Tickmill’s website. Make sure you provide all the necessary information and submit any required documents for verification.
Step 2 – Choose your platform:
Tickmill provides several trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Choose the platform that suits your trading needs.
Step 3 – Fund your account:
Once your account is verified, you can deposit funds into it. Tickmill offers various deposit methods, including wire transfer, credit/debit card, and e-wallets.
Step 4 – Start Trading:
Now, you are all set to trade. You can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies and start buying or selling based on your analysis and prediction of the market.

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Cryptocurrency trading is a new and exciting market with a wealth of potential. With its advanced tools and innovative platform, Tickmill makes it easier than ever to tap into the crypto world and start trading. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the scene, trading cryptocurrencies with Tickmill can be a unique and profitable experience.

However, remember that trading cryptocurrencies, like any other investment, involves risk. It’s crucial to understand this before you start trading. Always trade with an amount you can afford to lose, and seek professional advice if necessary. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market can lead to substantial gains, but also significant losses. So, tread wisely and make informed decisions.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with Tickmill