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Learn how to earn up to 10,000 USDT a month combining mining and trading

How much you earn using our miner depends on you.

Learn how to earn up to 10,000 USDT a month combining mining and trading.

Mine Bitcoin with StormGain

Getting the most of it with Mining

Miner speed depends on your loyalty programme status, which, in turn, depends on your trade volume.

The higher your trade volume and status, the higher the mining speed will be.

Here’s what smart traders do:

  • Upgrade their loyalty status to mine BTC 530 times faster and get up to 10,000 USDT a month.
  • Re-invest in trades. If you hold cryptocurrency instead of trading it, you’re losing out when the prices drop. By opening just one trade when the price falls, you’re profiting from the drop.

The first step is to upgrade your loyalty status to get higher miner speed.

How can I mine Bitcoin with StormGain?

Re-investing – Let’s calculate the potential profit

  1. Option #1. You possess 5,000 USDT in Bitcoin. Bitcoin price declined by 10%. Your loss is 500 USDT just because you did nothing.
  2. Option #2. You open a Bitcoin sell trade for 500 USDT with leverage set at 50. When Bitcoin declines by 10%, you close the trade and earned 2,500 USDT (10% = 50 USDT x 50)

Thanks to the trade you open, you can see +2,500 USDT on your account, not -500 USDT.

Don’t wait for your money to go wasted. Profit from both rises and falls.

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Is Bitcoin too volatile in 2021?

According to JP Morgan, the main barrier stopping large corporations from following Tesla in investing in Bitcoin is the volatility of the asset.

This makes sense; since the start of the year, Bitcoin has varied in price by over 25% at times.

Those types of equity swings are hard for a steady corporate firm to stomach.

However, the potential rewards may also be there for those brave enough to enter.

Is it the best period to invest in the Bitcoin market?

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