About Bitso Exchange Debit card

Bitcoin is one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies on the market. In fact, more than 83 million people around the world currently have portfolios of this asset.

You may be interested in buying bitcoin (BTC), however, the demand is high and the supply is scarce.

At the same time, the price is high and not everyone has a chance to buy this coin.

Bitso Card is coming to change that and make cryptocurrencies part of your daily life, turning them into really practical assets. Immediately discover all its benefits and how to get BTC with your new card!

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What is Bitso Card?

Bitso Card is the new Bitso exchange card, which allows you to make purchases with your MXN and get a percentage of the transaction as BTC —what is known as crypto back.

You can use the card in any business in the world: all you need is Mexican pesos in your Bitso account.

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How does the Bitso Card work?

Bitso Card is linked to your Bitso account and uses the funds in MXN that you have in it to make purchases in all kinds of stores worldwide.

Purchase of products, payment of bills, subscription of services: as long as you have funds, you can spend the card.

When you make the transaction, you will get a variable percentage of crypto back in BTC that will be deposited in your account, allowing you to acquire this cryptocurrency easily and quickly.

It is an excellent benefit if you take into account that bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest value and reputation in the market.

You can then use your newly acquired digital assets and exchange them for other cryptos, convert them to MXN or multiply them through Bitso+ returns.

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Benefits of requesting your Bitso Card

There are many advantages that Bitso Card brings to your finances.

Some of them are:

1. Generation of crypto back in BTC through various fronts

As you already know, with every purchase you make with your Bitso Card, you receive crypto back in your account in the form of BTC.

However, asset production doesn’t stop there: one of the exchange’s tools, Bitso+, automatically generates returns for you from BTC, ETH, and USD stablecoins.

This means that if you have any of these coins in your portfolio, you will see their amounts grow progressively.

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2. Secure transactions

One of the advantages of Bitso Card over other payment methods is that you will have all the security protocols of the Bitso platform.

This implies, among other things:

  • Insurance policy against theft, from the hand of Coincover.
  • Processing of operations with local currencies by Financial Institutions regulated in their respective jurisdictions, which adds another layer of protection.
  • Operations under the regulatory framework of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, so that every process or transaction within Bitso is under constant supervision and monitoring by the Commission and an independent third party.

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Frequently asked questions about the Bitso Card

With the Bitso Card can you make international payments?
Yes! Bitso Card uses the MXN that you have in your wallet, but you can make purchases in different currencies at the exchange rate of the day, and for low commissions.
How much commission does Bitso charge for the use of the card?
Absolutely nothing! However, you can find very low commissions when it comes to moving funds within the platform. This will depend on which digital assets you deal with. To make deposits and withdrawals in MXN, for example, there is no commission.
What is the percentage of crypto back in BTC that Bitso Card generates for you?
As you make larger payments with your Bitso Card, the percentage of crypto back you will receive will be higher. The rates are:

  • Spend from 0 MXN to 9,999.99 MXN = 0.30% crypto back in BTC;
  • Spending from 10,000 MXN to 19,999.99 MXN = 0.75% crypto back in BTC;
  • Spending above 20,000 MXN = 1.25% crypto back in BTC.
When does the Bitso Card arrive?
The Bitso card will be launched progressively on the market:

  • The first 2000 users who signed up on the waiting list will be able to be part of the initial Bitso Card beta.
  • Then the second beta will begin, with the partial launch in Mexico and 10,000 Bitso Cards that the platform will offer its users;
  • Finally, the official launch will take place, where the Bitso Card will be available to all Bitso users in Mexico!

The dates for each of these releases will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for news on the Bitso website and don’t miss out on this amazing solution for your finances!

Get to know all the products that Bitso offers you, in addition to the new Bitso Card. Visit the Bitso site and discover the tools you have at your fingertips.

Now that you know what Bitso Card is, how it works, what its benefits are and you know exactly when it arrives, it’s time to take a step and start getting BTC like never before. With Bitso, you can give a new value to your MXN operations!

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