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We understand that buying Bitcoin (BTC) for the first time can be a little daunting. Now, the Bitcoin community has more than 12 years of history, and there are many trading platforms on the market for you to choose from. With so many options, finding the cheapest way to buy bitcoin can be tricky.

Another problem that many new users face is the high volatility of BTC, where the price can go up and down. In the past few years alone, we have seen the value of BTC drop below $10,000 and surge to $60,000.

Finally, there is the question of cost. The trading platform should not only be easy to use, but also have reasonable fees. Each platform has very different charging terms and you need to do your research.

The combination of the above three aspects makes many newbies daunted by the wonderful world of Bitcoin.

What if we told you that there is actually a better solution?

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The Solution: Peer-to-Peer market

The peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin market, while relatively new, has gained a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency space. Compared to traditional finance, peer-to-peer finance adds a personalized element to the transaction experience.

Traditional Bitcoin exchanges act as intermediaries to help users complete transactions. While this is attractive to novice traders, the help they provide comes at a price. Peer-to-peer marketplace platforms like Paxful do not act as a middleman, but allow buyers and sellers to complete transactions themselves, enabling a more flexible and personalized trading system.

How does peer-to-peer finance become the solution?

Since peer-to-peer marketplace platforms eliminate the need for middlemen, they are often the cheapest place to buy bitcoin . Paxful, for example, charges buyers zero fees and has thousands of bids to choose from, allowing you to get your hands on BTC at the best price.

Second, volatility in peer-to-peer markets is irrelevant . There are hundreds of payment options on the peer-to-peer marketplace, and the form of funds is constantly changing — the price of BTC doesn’t matter when users are constantly transacting. Paxful alone has nearly 400 payment methods, allowing you to trade BTC however you want.

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Buy BTC on Paxful

Sign up for Paxful to get a free bitcoin wallet , then buy bitcoin in three easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a bid

The first step in buying Bitcoin on Paxful is to choose an offer that matches your needs. You can set your preferences on the homepage:

Buy BTC on Paxful

Once filled out, click Find Bid and you’ll be taken to the Bidding page. Here you can see all available bids.

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When choosing a bid, keep the following in mind:

Profit Percentage
This refers to how much profit the seller makes on the transaction. The more BTC you earn, the better. Also, you can use Paxful’s Bitcoin calculator as a reference.
Bid Terms
This is an overview of the seller’s payment requirements. Basically, it’s a payment request from the seller to you. Please make sure you can abide by the terms of the offer before buying from this seller.
Seller Credibility
You want to deal with credible sellers, right? You can view the feedback scores of traders as a reference. If you need more information, you can view the counterparty’s transaction history and volume.
Seller’s Online Hours
Before you start trading, make sure the seller is available to trade. If the counterparty doesn’t have time, then even initiating a transaction will eventually expire.

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Step 2: Start trading

Be sure to review the instructions again, and if you’re ready, enter the amount of BTC you want to buy and click Buy Now .

After trading starts, make sure to follow the trader’s instructions. If you do not follow the relevant instructions, you may be disadvantaged in the event of a dispute . If you have any questions, you can always speak to the seller using the transaction live chat feature.

Once paid, mark the transaction as paid and wait for the seller to verify payment.

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Step 3: Receive BTC

After the seller verifies the payment, the BTC will be released from escrow and the transaction will be completed. Next, all you have to do is leave feedback for the trade partner.

As you can see, buying Bitcoin on Paxful is very easy. With thousands of bids posted by trusted traders, you’re sure to easily find the one that’s right for you.

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