OKCoin - What's now?

We are no longer promoting OKCoin. The information regarding to OKCoin on the website 'cryptoarmy.io' maybe outdated.ref. OKCoin

Our monthly bitcoin meetup has been a tradition for the past four months, having hosted several events at some of Beijing’s most well known venues.

Such meetups aim to offer a networking opportunity for the Beijing bitcoin community to meet fellow bitcoiners and engage with those working within the industry.

For the past meetups, we have targeted in creating a casual environment, open for discussions for those looking to learn more about bitcoin.

This time around, Uber has launched a promotional campaign to support our event, offering attendees free and discounted rides using promotional codes.

BITMAIN is also engaging with the event, with several employees planning to attend the meetup.

Moving forward, we aim to organize meetups with guest speakers and lectures.

This with the hopes to promote further awareness of bitcoin and OKCoin’s role on a domestic and international level within the industry.

Tonight will be hosting the event at The Local. For more details on the event, please visit our Bitcoin Meetup Group.

If you have some time, please come join us tonight and meet our team!