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Windsor Brokers is a seasoned brokerage firm that has been navigating the financial markets for over three decades, offering a range of services that appeal particularly to traders in Asia and Africa. While the company has a strong presence in the trading community, it’s noteworthy to mention that it does not cater to clients from the European Union and the United States, but is accessible to traders from the CIS countries.

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Services and Offerings

Windsor Brokers offers a substantial list of assets for trading, including 44 currency pairs, indexes, commodities, energies, bonds, stocks, and metals. However, it is important to highlight that, as of the current offerings, cryptocurrencies do not feature in the list of available trading assets. This absence may be a significant factor for those traders who are specifically interested in diving into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

Despite the lack of cryptocurrencies in their portfolio, Windsor Brokers does not fall short when it comes to educational resources. The broker provides a plethora of free webinars and 70 video tutorials that cover various aspects of trading and analysis. These are particularly designed for beginners, although the content is only available in English, which may pose a limitation for non-English speaking traders.

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Passive Income Options

Windsor Brokers offers two avenues for obtaining passive income: a referral program and access to a trade copying service. While the broker does not have options for trust management accounts or ready-made portfolios, clients can connect to the MQL5 Signals for trade copying, where the terms are clearly outlined, from the percentage of profit paid to signal providers to the specifics of order executions and fund management.

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Trading Conditions

Windsor Brokers has structured its accounts and trading conditions keeping in mind the varied experience levels of its clients. Nevertheless, the terms may not be the most suitable for novice traders. The minimum deposit requirement of $100, along with the spreads on currency pairs, points towards a model that favors more experienced traders.

The platform used for trading is the widely recognized MetaTrader 4, and Windsor Brokers offers various account types, including Demo, Prime, Zero, and VIP Zero. The array of deposit and withdrawal options, from traditional bank transfers to e-wallets, and the leverage up to 1:500, make the broker quite flexible in operational terms.

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Windsor Brokers is positioned as a broker for both active and passive traders, providing diverse account options and educational resources. The broker aims to facilitate fair, efficient, and safe trading terms for all. However, the current lack of cryptocurrency trading services is a notable gap, especially given the growing demand for digital asset trading.

For traders specifically interested in cryptocurrencies, Windsor Brokers might not be the ideal choice at this moment. Nonetheless, for those looking to trade in the offered instruments, the broker’s lengthy experience, educational resources, and trading conditions may present a robust platform for engaging with global financial markets.