IronFX is an Online FX & CFD broker with MT4.

With IronFX, you can trade Cryptocurrency pairs on MT4 to make profit from the difference of market prices.

IronFX (and its affiliated companies) are licensed by multiple regulators, including UK FCA, AU ASIC and CySEC.

Since its foundation in 2010, the broker has acquired over 1 million investors by 2018.

*Service conditions of IronFX maybe different slightly depending on the regulation you are under.

Crypto Trading Info

On IronFX MT4, you can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mini, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Cardano.

The available pairs are as follows:

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin vs USD)
  • BitcoinM (Bitcoin Mini vs USD)
  • BTC/USD (Bitcoin vs USD)
  • BTC/EUR (Bitcoin vs EUR)
  • BTC/JPY (Bitcoin vs JPY)
  • ETH/USD (Etherium vs USD)
  • ETH/EUR (Etherium vs EUR)
  • XRP/USD (Ripple vs USD)
  • LTC/USD (Litecoin vs USD)
  • ADA/USD (Cardano vs USD)

The maximum leverage is 1:5, and NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is supported.

SymbolMinimum Price FluctuationSize of 1 LotValue on 1 Lot per Index pointMinimum Contract Size
BITCOIN0.01100 Bitcoins1 USD0.01
BITCOINM0.011 Bitcoin0.01 USD0.01
BTCUSD0.011 Bitcoin0.01 USD0.01
BTCEUR0.011 Bitcoin0.01 EUR0.01
BTCJPY11 Bitcoin1 JPY0.01
ETHUSD0.011 Etherium0.01 USD0.01
ETHEUR0.011 Etherium0.01 EUR0.01
XRPUSD0.000110000 Ripple1 USD0.01
LTCUSD0.011 Litecoin0.01 USD0.01
ADAUSD0.0000110000 Cardano0.1 USD0.01

By opening an account with IronFX, you can invest in Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Shares and Futures along with the above Cryptocurreny pairs.

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