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Trade Cryptocurrency with Axi

Whatever your experience and ambition, Axi can give you the tools, opportunities, and support you need to find your edge and capitalize on it.

Since 2007, Axi has managed to place Axi in the top 10 global brokers with over 60,000 clients in 100 countries, who traded over $ 2.58 trillion last year alone.

Find opportunities in the largest market in the world.

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Axi’s size and scale allow them to respond to the still unresolved needs of traders in existing and emerging regions, ensuring even better service and an even stronger position.

When trading with Axi, you find a partner who is serious about helping you realize your ambitions as a trader.

Axi knows that the benefits come from mindset, methods, training, analysis, risk control, and self-confidence.

Enter the digital currency revolution by trading popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, with CFDs.

Start your trading journey with a trusted, regulated, and award-winning broker, Axi.

Trade Bitcoin with Axi

Why you should choose Axi to invest online?

Axi’s platform, technology, team, and service are built around 5 strategic areas, each designed to meet the needs of the growing trading community.

A trusted partner.
At Axi, you can count on the fact that they will keep the promises; Axi prides itself on the global reputation as an honest, fair, and trustworthy broker.
Always acting responsibly and acting correctly towards
Of all traders and partners, Axi has created a thriving community for confident customers who choose Axi to get the indispensable advantage for their success.
Executive excellence.
Thanks to Axi’s high technology, performance, and continuous investment, the broker offers lightning-fast execution, raw spreads, and flexible leverage, through a wide range of FX pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices. Thanks to a rock-solid platform coupled with a dedication to service personal, you can count on Axi to make the most of trading opportunities.
Much more for traders.
Axi also offers other innovative tools and ideas that will allow you to achieve maximum results. Solutions like PsyQuation will hone your strategies harnessing the power of AI analytics and through Axi’s Select program. Axi also invests their own capital in your development, if you demonstrate that you have the potential to become a professional. Added to these are constantly new products that offer more opportunities to conquer the markets and to win.
Global strength. Local service.
Since 2007, Axi has managed to place itself in the top 10 of global brokers with over 42,000 clients in 100 countries, which only
last year they carried out operations worth over $ 2.4 trillion.
By your side in every operation.
When you trade with Axi, you find a partner who is seriously committed to helping you realize your ambitions as a trader.

As traders ourselves, Axi knows that the benefits come from the mindset, come on methods, training, analysis, risk control, and self-confidence themselves.

Whatever your strategy, Axi is there to help you hone your edge and capitalize on it.

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Secure and Advanced Trading Platforms of Axi

Start with the world’s most popular online trading platform.

MetaTrader 4 is a smart choice for online traders around the world looking for a competitive edge in trading.

Simple for beginners and full of advanced features for professionals, the MT4 platform helps you unlock an unlimited number of trading possibilities.

Support on the MT4 platform
Do you need help using MT4? Take advantage of Axi’s free resources to enrich your knowledge and hone your skills.
Learn how to use MT4
Download, configure and start trading on the world’s most popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
Signals for MT4
Find and follow the successful strategies of leading global traders.
Explore MT4 NexGen
Learn how to add advanced operations management tools to your MT4 platform to try and improve performance.
MT4 NexGen – for trading at the next level.
Take advantage of advanced trade management tools, advanced orders, and sentiment trading using NexGen or to enrich your MT4 platform.

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Partner with a global brand to improve your business.

Become a partner of Axi, and access cutting-edge prices to increase your profitability.

Earn a commission on every conversion. Build your business.
IB portal
Enter Axi’s partner portal and find out different information about your featured customers.
MT4 Multi Account Manager
Trade quickly and easily across multiple accounts with Axi’s MAM solutions.

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Invest in Crypto with a Trusted Broker

Trust is a vital part of a trader’s advantage.

At Axi, they pride themselves on the reputation as an honest, fair, and trustworthy broker.

Axi’s numerous awards and ‘excellent’ reviews via Trustpilot prove that the broker has earned the trust of customers who appreciate their excellent service, speed of execution, payment security, segregation of funds, and ease of withdrawals.

On top of all this, Axi also proactively collaborates with leading regulators globally to ensure that they exceed the highest industry standards.

When you trade with Axi, you find a partner who is serious about helping you realize your financial market ambitions.

Or if you do part of Axi’s network of trading firms, the broker will do everything possible to make your business even more successful.

While results in trading can never be guaranteed, if you demonstrate that you have the potential to become a professional, Axi may also invite you to join the Axi Select program.

Through Select, Axi coaches their most promising traders and provides them with funds to invest.

This is just one of the many ways Axi demonstrates the long-term commitment to help you achieve your goals.

Trade Bitcoin with Axi