Choose from 1Market’s various trading account types

1Market’s ParagonEX platform has 6 levels depending on the amount of your deposit.

Account Type Mini Standard Gold Platinum Diamond VIP
Minimum Deposit 500 $/£/€ 1,000 $/£/€ 5,000 $/£/€ 10,000 $/£/€ 50,000 $/£/€ 100,000 $/£/€
1nsight Live Feed Available Available Available Available Available Available
Trading Signals Available Available Available Available Available Available
24/5 Live Chat Support Available Available Available Available Available Available
Trading Central Unavailable Available Available Available Available Available
Personal Push & SMS Notifications Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Available Available
Exclusive Market Updates Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Available Available
Account Opening Link Open Mini Account Open Standard Account Open Gold Account Open Platinum Account Open Diamond Account Open VIP Account

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1Market has 2 account types for its MT5 trading platform.

Account Type Standard Zero Spread
Required Minimum Deposit 250 USD 250 USD
Trading Commission None 7 USD per lot
Spread Type Floating Floating
Minimum Spread 1 pip 0.0 pips
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Margin Call Level 50% 50%
Stop Out Level 20% 20%
Account Opening Link Open MT5 Standard Account Open MT5 Zero Spread Account

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1Market broadens your crypto trading knowledge.

Everything you need to know about how, when and why to invest in cryptocurrencies with 1Market.

Crypto trading with 1Market

1Market offers traders from all over the world, both experts and new to the world of trading, everything related to the cryptocurrency market, starting from a wide-ranging learning program to be able to know crypto trading in detail up to the real and own trading of virtual currencies being able to take advantage of high-level tools and services.

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Know cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can be defined as decentralized virtual currencies which consequently do not fall under the control of financial institutions or governments, in the crypto market there is a wide range of virtual currencies and each of which has different characteristics.

Cryptocurrencies represent a valid alternative to traditional currencies, despite the fact that they were created to be used as a payment method for shops, buying and selling products online, etc.

Cryptocurrencies have characteristics that are extremely similar to commodities, such as gold or silver.

  1. The fluctuations of cryptocurrencies are not related to the performance of the economy of a particular country.
  2. The value of cryptocurrencies is unaffected by interest rates and monetary policies.
  3. Traders generally prefer to buy cryptocurrencies while waiting for them to increase in value, to later convert them into traditional currencies.

Visiting the official website any interested can consult the program aimed at learning about cryptocurrencies and get to know in detail every single feature of the most traded virtual currencies in the world.

Trade Cryptos with 1Market

Cryptocurrency created by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym) in 2009 and is essentially a virtual currency produced with the intent to function as a payment method free from government and financial institution controls, thus making any type of value transfer free problems related to any intermediaries, facilitating fast safe and transparent transactions. Bitcoin is essentially based on two fundamental principles, the first concerns a network of nodes, that is to say a certain number of PCs that manage it in a distributed mode (peer-to-peer) and the second the use of powerful cryptography for verifying and secure any transaction. It exploits Blockchain technology, a decentralized public register of each Bitcoin transaction that allows both the storage and sharing of any information without being able to make any changes making any hacking impossible.
Cryptocurrency created in 2015 which is based on a peer-to-peer network protocol, in essence it is a blockchain network that allows, through a software platform, the creation of various decentralized business applications, both financial and entertainment services. Despite being based like any cryptocurrency on decentralized blockchain technologies, Ethereum rather than allowing each trader to only use predefined operations, allows network users to create, monetize, publish and take advantage of apps and games with limited risks. Through the Ethereum network it is possible to use the Ether cryptocurrency for various uses such as buying and selling assets, trading fund, etc.
Cardano is a decentralized blockchain that uses the Ouroboros proof-of-stake algorithm based on peer-reviewed research, it is a cutting-edge mix of latest-generation technologies that allows developers to build a wide range of applications, environments and decentralized systems to ensure long-term stability and security. The Cardano network uses ADA as its virtual currency and a large number of experts in the field consider it a good alternative to Ethereum.
Cryptocurrency born paradoxically as a joke in 2015 created by Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer and initially designed without any particular purpose, today one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.
Created in 2011, Litecoin has similar characteristics to Bitcoin, being a decentralized virtual currency free from any censorship that allows free access to all, in recent years it has seen its popularity drop to 13th place in terms of market capitalization. .
Cryptocurrency which is mainly based on three fundamental elements, the digital currency (XRP), the exchange and a payment network. The algorithm that regulates all transactions carried out on the network is called Ripple Consensus. Ripple Consensus Ledger is the archive log of all the operations carried out. The digital currency XRP was created to facilitate the conduct of global financial transactions such as payments, the exchange of assets and remittances.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Tether does not have the common characteristics of a virtual currency. Tether is a stablecoin, i.e. a digital currency with the aim of being a stable replacement for a legal tender (fiat currency).
Launched in 2014, Monero (XMR) is presented as a cryptocurrency whose main feature is open-source with maximum attention to privacy.
The developers wanted to introduce this new non-profit cryptocurrency and the evolution of Monero was possible thanks to donations from the community. Its main feature is to make each transaction anonymous by masking addresses making it easy to use for illegal activities and on the dark web.
Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a bank payment system that gives the possibility to transfer money from one part of the world to another, even using different currencies, through blockchain technology, with a subsidized interest rate.
Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash turns out to be a new version of Bitcoin that uses a blockchain system with different rules. Unlike Bitcoins, it is able to easily manage an increase in the number of transactions thanks to a considerable increase in the size of the blocks.

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CFDs on cryptocurrencies

CFD-type contracts allow traders to invest on price fluctuations without necessarily having to buy digital currencies, if it is assumed that the value of the coin is trending upwards, it will be necessary to open a long (buy) and if not, just open a short position (sell).

The main advantage regarding CFD trading derives from the use of leverage, which gives each trader the opportunity to invest in larger volumes than what is actually deposited on their trading account.

The main features deriving from crypto trading with 1Market are the following.

  1. Crypto trading does not require any kind of special eWallet or exchange account.
  2. They are available 24/7.
  3. It is possible to carry out any type of operation, both for sale and purchase.

Trade Cryptos with 1Market

Buy cryptocurrencies with 1Market

It is possible to buy cryptocurrencies both with fiat currency and through exchange with other cryptocurrencies.

  1. The trader wishing to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat / paper money will get the crypto at its market price.
  2. When you decide to exchange your virtual currency (for example Bitcoin) for another (for example Cardano), the quantity of the virtual currency purchased (Cardano) will depend on the value of the cryptocurrency traded (Bitcoin).

Cryptocurrency trading requires a digital wallet, which is an online app containing the digital currency, then having one will be necessary Open a real account and proceed to deposit funds for trading in order to access the cryptocurrency market and carry out any trading deemed necessary.

Traders wishing to trade cryptocurrencies with 1Market can take advantage of numerous brokerage companies and a wide range of trading tools.

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Cryptocurrencies vs Stocks

Cryptocurrency trading is usually considered by most traders to be riskier than stock trading, but this concept depends both on the type of stock/cryptocurrency in which you have decided to invest and on the strategies put in place for the purchase.

We would like to point out that trading options and penny stocks can be similar or even more risky than trading cryptocurrencies.

Before opening any position on the cryptocurrency market, every trader should at least have a clear vision of the risk he is about to take and be fully aware of being able to lose everything in the event that careful management is not provided of the risks.

Trade Cryptos with 1Market