On Wisebitcoin’s MT5 trading platform, margin call Level is to be 120% and stop out level is to be 100%.

Margin ratio is the Equity over Margin Requirements.

When the ratio of Margin to Equity comes below the Margin Call Level, there will be warning red sign on the Trading terminal.

When the ratio of Margin to Equity comes below the Stop Out Level, there will be compulsory closures of open position, starting from the position with biggest losses, just like stop loss execution.

What is Freeze Level?

A Freeze Level is the point if the market price meets the level set by the trader, no changes can be made to the order.

Freeze Level is not supported at Wisebitcoin.

*Balance is the account balance calculated with all closed positions. It does not include the floating loss or profit.

*Equity is the floating balance including the current floating loss or profit. Equity changes in response to the market price of the open positions.

Maximum Leverage is 1:100

Wisebitcoin offers the leverage of maximum 100:1.

However you need to remember that using high leverage amplifies the effects of market movements on your capital.

While using higher leverage can increase your potential profits, it will equally significantly increase your potential losses.

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