What is the difference between a traditional trading platform and a P2P market platform?

Why Binance P2P is a popular way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

P2P focuses on person-to-person direct transactions, that is, without the intervention of intermediaries.

On traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, transactions are facilitated by centralized institutions such as Binance.

These institutions are responsible for matching buy and sell orders for various trading pairs.

However, in a P2P ecosystem, transactions are dominated by individuals who have complete control over who is being traded and the price at which it is traded.

The Binance P2P platform charges no fees and offers traders a wide choice of local and global payment methods.

Binance P2P is able to offer the most competitive prices in the current market.

In addition, if you choose some fiat payment methods, the transaction speed will be extremely amazing, and the transaction will generally be completed within 15 minutes.

Finally, Binance P2P provides cryptocurrency custody services to enhance user asset security with an advanced risk management system.

In the event of a dispute, Binance also has a huge dispute processing and analysis team to help users solve problems.

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