What is a mark price?

The mark price is based on the index price, plus the fund cost basis that decreases with time, and is used to determine whether the user triggers a forced liquidation.

CoinEx adopts a uniquely designed reasonable price marking system, which sets the marking price to a reasonable price instead of the latest transaction price to avoid unnecessary liquidation.

Without this system, the mark price could unnecessarily deviate from the price index due to market manipulation or illiquidity, leading to unnecessary liquidation.

Note: The marked price is updated every 5 seconds.

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What does markup price do?

Determine whether a position triggers forced liquidation: prevent unnecessary forced liquidation in high-leverage contract transactions, and reduce losses caused by price manipulation and lack of liquidity in contract transactions.

Calculate the floating profit and loss of the position.

Note: The mark price only affects the forced liquidation price and unrealized profit and loss, and does not affect the realized profit and loss.

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