Zoomex DEX Overview

With the mission of optimizing financial services and enhancing the deposit and withdrawal experience, Zoomex hopes to lead everyone into the world of cryptocurrency.

Adhering to a new concept and vision, Zoomex DEX came into being! Based on the technology and services of Zoomex CEX, it opens the door to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Before signing and verifying the link through the Web3 interface, users can bind the decentralized wallet to the exchange to achieve fast transactions and interconnect with Zoomex CEX for mutual benefit.

Currently, Zoomex DEX only supports forward perpetual transactions, allowing users to withdraw funds smoothly without KYC.

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Technical realization of Zoomex DEX

Zoomex DEX is based on the current trading capabilities of Zoomex CEX, in order to better serve and improve the performance of user deposits and withdrawals, and reduce the threshold for users to use, the transaction product structure of the decentralized wallet is launched.

Users link their decentralized wallets to the exchange before signing and verifying the link through the Web3 interface to achieve fast transactions, sharing centralized transactions and liquidity with the current Zoomex CEX.

Currently only supports forward perpetual transactions, and allows users to complete withdrawal transactions without KYC.

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