Wisebitcoin requires two types of documents, which are:

  1. Copy of ID
  2. Copy of Proof of Residential address

You can upload your documents (ID, Residential Proof) online while you apply for a live account.

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The documents are required by the Regulatory Authorities to protect the interest of the clients. In case where ID and Residential Proof are insufficient or do not meet the requirements, additional documents can be required for qualifications.

What information must be shown on Passport or Government issued Identification?

There should show the legal name, Date of Birth (D.O.B) and Expiry Date.

The name on the ID must match the holder of Wisebitcoin account.

If you used Driver License as a residential proof, then you need to submit another Government-issued ID as an Identification proof.

Wisebitcoin does not accept the PO Box address as a residential proof; you should submit the proof or document with your real Residence address.

Wisebitcoin has employees who can translate the documents in various languages. The documents do not need to be strictly written in English as long as they satisfy the requirements including issue date and terms.

In case of Corporate account

For your Corporate accounts, you have to submit Corporate Certificate and the proof of Business address.

You can use a Corporate Certificate and proof of Business address billed to within latest 3 months.

For more information, please contact Wisebitcoin support team.

Wisebitcoin Official Website