What is Dsdaq and its mobile application?

Dsdaq is a bridge between the conventional financial world and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With the Dsdaq application, users can easily explore and exchange hundreds of global financial assets.

Dsdaq has pioneered the collateral cryptocurrency trading business model in the world and has opened a door into global markets for both crypto followers and traditional investors.

Dsdaq is committed to empowering new investors to gain better control over their financial future, with more transparency, more efficiency and a better experience.

Dsdaq is committed to ensuring the highest level of security for each account.

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Wallet security on Dsdaq

Most of the clients’ crypto assets (Bitcoin) are kept in Dsdaq’s offline storage system (“Cold Storage”).

Only a small part of crypto assets is kept in Dsdaq’s online wallet (“Hot Wallet”).

Dsdaq Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), controlled by multiple members of the management team.

To approve all transactions, more than half of the HSMs (members of the management team) are required, a single HSM would not be enough to start the transfer of funds.

It is almost impossible to acquire enough of these managers for Hacker to access cold storage.

You have Dsdaq’s promise that the security and stability of your deposited funds are always in Dsdaq’s top priorities.

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Security system on Dsdaq

Dsdaq implements your commerce system and protects your Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud service instances.

AWS has a proven track record of physical security and internal controls.

Dsdaq uses multiple layers to separate different Availability Zones and instances for different functions.

There are several levels of security and internal access management protocols to control general accessibility.

Beyond managing network security, Dsdaq also enforces system-level restrictions.

In many restricted areas, Dsdaq only allows whitelisted instances to access the system.

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User Account Security on Dsdaq

Dsdaq uses an authentication mechanism, 2FA (two factors), to protect all user accounts.

When a user performs critical actions such as password withdrawal, transfer, or modification, the system forces 2FA authentication.

This allows the user to perform secondary authentication to protect the account.

Dsdaq’s 2FA system uses a one-time password algorithm based on the time required for a Google Authenticator app.

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