Binance cannot take the responsibility

With many Cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, it is impossible to refund or compensate the loss of Cryptocurrency fund due to sending them wrong address by accident.

Once the Cryptocurrency tokens are sent an address, only the owner of the wallet (address) can access to the fund.

You cannot find out who owns the Cryptocurrency address.

Binance specified some policies regarding to the situation where investors send Cryptocurrency fund to a wrong address.

  1. Normally, Binance does not provide “Recovery Service” for Cryptocurrency tokens.
  2. In case an investors has lost a large amount of fund by sending Cryptocurrency fund to a wrong address, Binance may support the investor to recover the fund depends on the situations. But you must know the the process of recovery is complicated and takes time and cost. Thus there are risks for the process of recovery.
  3. If you wish to request for Cryptocurrency recovery to Binance, you must provide email address registered to Binance, Cryptocurrency token, address, Transaction volume, Transaction ID (TxID) and a screenshot of the transaction. Then Binance will assess if it is possible to support or not.
  4. If the recovery was successful, Binance’s team may need to perform wallet installation, upgrade and reset of private key under instruction of the staffs. The recovery process may take a few months or more.

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