Common reasons for losing Google verification are:

  1. Lost your smartphone.
  2. The phone fails (cannot be opened, damaged, etc.)

Contact Bybit Support Team

Step 1: Try to retrieve your key. If you can find it, please refer to this guide to learn how to rebind Google authentication to a new smartphone by key.

For security reasons, Bybit will not save any account keys.

The GA key is displayed in the form of a QR code or a string of letters/numbers. The key is displayed only once, which is when the user is bound to Google authentication. Please refer to the screenshot below.

I have lost Bybit's Google Authenticator. What should I do now

Step 2: If you do not keep the key, please use the registered email address of your account to send an unbinding request to Bybit, copy and paste the following information in the email.

“Since I didn’t record and back up the GA key, please help Bybit to unbind the Google Authenticator (GA) of this account.”

Note: We also recommend that users use the PC/device and Internet broadband that you use to log in to the account to send this request.

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