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To start investing in ooooooo with, Open CFD Account and log in to the Official Website.

Then you need to make a deposit to your account before starting trading ooooooo.

On the trading platform, you can trade EOS Contracts for Difference (CFD) anytime, anywhere.

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What is EOS? What is cryptocurrency?

EOS is a public token for gaining access to EOS.IO, a decentralized development system. Cryptocurrencies can be divided into two categories: one is public tokens, which are used to obtain service permissions for specific projects or security tokens; the other is payment tokens, which are used to represent asset value. Encrypted currency is a digital asset that serves as a medium of exchange. Encryption technology is used to ensure the security of transactions, control supply and guarantee transfers.

In short, cryptocurrency is a decentralized electronic currency. All kinds of cryptocurrencies can be stored in “electronic wallets”. For example, you can store EOS in an online or offline e-wallet, or even store it in hardware.

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Why you should invest in EOS?

EOS, the Chinese name is grapefruit coin, is the basic cryptocurrency on the EOS.IO public chain. The EOS.IO public chain is a decentralized system based on blockchain technology that supports the development, management and execution of commercial decentralized applications (dApps). EOS belongs to and is published by Dan Larimer. What’s interesting is that, in contrast to independent digital assets (such as Bitcoin), EOS (Pomelo Coin) was created specifically to serve the EOS.IO decentralized system. It can be said that EOS is not only a competitor of the Ethereum public chain, but also a competitor of Ethereum (the basic cryptocurrency of the Ethereum platform). Therefore, the crypto community has turned EOS into a public token. Public tokens are tokens used to obtain the right to use projects and services, and EOS tokens can access its decentralized development system. The value of most cryptocurrencies is closely linked to their projects, even if the default currency of the project is not its base currency.

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History of EOS

The EOS.IO platform is developed by and officially launched as open source software in June 2019. invested more than US$1 billion in EOS.IO blockchain through the purchase of tokens, and raised more than US$4 billion in total for the blockchain through ICO. ICO, the full name of the initial coin offering (Initial Coin Offering), is one of the public offerings of the cryptocurrency community.

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What is a public token? Is EOS a public token?

Public tokens are used to obtain goods or services provided by a certain project. In the ICO (Initial Token Issuance) stage, public tokens provide investors with access to items or services that are about to be launched and are used as a means of recruiting funds. In addition, public tokens can also be used as a voucher for discounts or priority use.

EOS (Pomelo Coin) is a public token that provides token holders with the bandwidth and storage of the EOS.IO blockchain.

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