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To start investing in Bitcoin Gold with, Open CFD Account and log in to the Official Website.

Then you need to make a deposit to your account before starting trading Bitcoin Gold.

On the trading platform, you can trade Bitcoin Gold (BTG) CFDs anytime, anywhere.

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Why invest in Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is a cryptocurrency obtained after Bitcoin’s hard fork. A hard fork is a permanent divergence on the Bitcoin core technology blockchain. The purpose of the hard fork is to restore the computing power of ordinary Bitcoin mining processors.

Bitcoin Gold uses algorithms that cannot be run on dedicated mining equipment to achieve decentralization of mining, and ordinary miners can also mine on ordinary processors. Bitcoin Gold was originally released in November 2017 and is one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

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What is Bitcoin Gold? What is cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Gold/BTG, is a cryptocurrency hard-forked from Bitcoin. Bitcoin Gold was released in 2017 to provide ordinary miners with equal mining opportunities. Encryption currency is a digital asset that serves as a medium of transaction. Encryption technology is applied to ensure transaction security, control additional supplies, and verify transfer operations. In short, cryptocurrency is a decentralized electronic currency. All kinds of cryptocurrencies can be stored in “e-wallets”. You can store Bitcoin Cash in online or offline e-wallets, and even store it in hardware.

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History of Bitcoin Gold

Even though it was only released in November 2017, Bitcoin Gold still has an unusual history. In May 2018, Bitcoin Gold suffered a “51% attack” for the first time. In order to prevent the transaction from being successfully paid, a group of miners mastered more than half of the hash rate (computing power) and successfully implemented a “double-spend transaction”, that is, the same amount of money was used twice. As a result, this caused the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex to lose 12,372 Bitcoin gold, valued at approximately $669,300. Because Bitcoin Gold refused to compensate for the losses, Bittrex removed Bitcoin Gold from the exchange.

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