How to Participate in the Trading Commission Rebate Program?

Trading rebate means that you can invite new users to sign up for BingX. When new users conduct transactions, you can get a certain percentage of commission rebates for each transaction (including spot transactions and contract transactions).

Step 1: APP: Home -> Invitation with a prize; WEB: Home -> More -> Invitation with a prize

Step 2: Click “Invite Now” to generate an exclusive invitation link. You can copy the link and share it on social media to invite new users to register. You can through “Exclusive Poster” and “QR Code”.

Step 3: If you want to get a higher proportion of the rebate, you can click “Go to upgrade”, you can see that the current Lv1 rebate ratio is 10%, inviting 10 valid trading users can increase to Lv2, and the rebate ratio can be Upgrade to 20%, within a certain period, the more valid users you invite, the more the rebate rate will continue to increase. At Lv1, you can only directly invite friends to trade, and when you upgrade to Lv2 or above, you can get direct or indirect invitations at the same time. Indirect invitation means that the new user you invite to register invites other new users. For detailed rules, please refer to the latest announcement issued by BingX.

Step 4: Click “My Invitation” and “More Data” to view your “Invitation Registration Data” and “Commission Data”. The final commission will be returned to your capital account. You can check the specific amount in your asset account.

Get Cashback Rebate on BingX Account

What is BingX Cashback?

The BingX cashback function means that you can distribute the commission of the referral commission to the new users you invite, and the new users can get a certain percentage of the handling fee cashback after registering for the transaction. Enter [Invitation Rewards], click [More Invitation Codes], you can customize the transaction cashback ratio.

What is BingX Cashback

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