EUR or USD deposits are not available

To make a deposit to your Binance trading account, you need to login to Binance’s account and acquire a certain address which you can send Cryptocurrency tokens to.

Binance only accepts Cryptocurrency tokens but not any fiat currencies, and major currencies like USD and EUR are not accepted to the Crypto exchange.

How to make a deposit to Binance

Binance Deposit How to Login QR code URL Cryptocurrency Token Altcoin address Fund

1. Login to Binance’s client portal

2. After logging in, click on “Deposit” in “Fund” and select the Cryptocurrency you like to use in “Select Deposits Coin”.

3. Copy the “Deposit Address” appeared or acquire the QR code, and use the address to send your Cryptocurrency tokens.

Please be careful when sending Cryptocurrency tokens. If the tokens are sent to a wrong address, it is impossible to retrieve the tokens later.

Binance Official Website

Exchange USD and EUR to Cryptocurrencies

Binance is a Cryptocurrency exchange which only accepts Crypto tokens for any transactions.

If you still don’t own Cryptocurrencies, you may exchange the fund by using online services like below.

  • OTC:(CNY & USD)→
  • OTC:(CNY)→
  • Exchange Platform(USD)→ etc

There are many online services where you can earn Cryptocurrency tokens by exchanging fiat currencies like USD and EUR.

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