How do I deposit crypto tokens to Huobi (on mobile app)?

How to transfer Cryptocurrency tokens to Huobi? How to make a deposit with Cryptocurrencies to Huobi’s account?

We are here to answer your question.

In this article, we will use Bitcoin as an example and show you how to transfer your Bitcoin to Huobi’s account through the mobile app.

Follow the steps below to transfer (deposit) Bitcoin to Huobi today.

If you don’t have an account with Huobi yet, go to the registration page and sign up for free.

Open Huobi’s Crypto Account

How to deposit Cryptocurrency tokens to Huobi on mobile app

Step 1: Log in to the mobile app, and tap on the “Deposit” button on the assets page.

How do I deposit crypto into my account (Huobi App)

Step 2: Select a digital asset you want to transfer to Huobi.

select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit

Step 3: Select the network you will use for the transfer.

The fees charged for the transfer may vary depending on the network you use.

Step 3 Select channel with different fees it may cost

Step 4: Check the QR code you need to use for deposit.

The QR code specifies the address (of the network you selected) where you can send the fund to.

Once you deposit (transfer) your Cryptocurrency to this specific address from your wallet, Huobi will credit the amount to your account.

Copy the address or QR Code, and paste it into the withdrawal page of other platforms or accounts,

Do not deposit any other tokens to the specified address.

Make sure to choose the correct network, otherwise the fund will be lost.

Your deposit needs to be confirmed by all the nodes. Therefore, you may pay a small sum of transaction fee to speed up the process.

It usually takes 10-60 min to receive the deposit.

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