If you already have your own private wallet, you can skip this step. Otherwise, go to MyEtherWallet .

Now choose a password that you will never forget, but cannot be guessed either.

There is no way to recover your password or funds if you lose it so please take this seriously.

Open IRONX Real Account

How to create an Ethereum wallet (Optional) create new wallet

It is essential that you save this Keystore file.

It acts as the key to your wallet and losing it will result in the loss of all funds.

How to create an Ethereum wallet (Optional) save your keystore file

If you can, print out the private key for your wallet as you may need it in the future.

This is optional as you can retrieve your private key through your Keystore at a later stage.

How to create an Ethereum wallet (Optional) save your private key

Before you see wallet address, you need to verify all the steps we have gone through just now.

  1. Select ‘Keystore / JSON file’ from the list on the left.
  2. Browse for your Keystore file that you saved earlier.
  3. Enter the password you chose when creating the wallet.
  4. Unlock your wallet with the blue button on the right.

How to create an Ethereum wallet (Optional) unlock your wallet

If you have done everything correctly, the next screen will show you your new public wallet address which you will need to receive your tokens.

If you receive an error of any kind, please start again and repeat until you fully understood this process.

Open IRONX Real Account