Maintenance margin is the minimum amount of margin required for traders to continue to hold positions.

The maintenance margin will be increased or decreased based on the risk limit selected by the trader. By default, the risk limits for all trading pairs will start from the lowest maintenance margin in their respective risk limit tables.

When the margin level used for a position is lower than the maintenance margin level, the position will be forced to liquidate.

Commission value = number of contracts x entry price

Maintenance margin = maintenance margin rate x commission value

The maintenance margin rate (MMR) required for a position is determined based on the margin level requirements of the position value.

The trader uses 50 times leverage on a position-by-position basis to open a long position of 1 BTC in USDT10,000.

Initial margin = 1 BTC x 10,000 x 1/50 = 200 USDT

Maintenance margin = 1 BTC x 10,000 x 0.5% = 50 USDT

That is to say, the maximum loss that this position can bear is 150USDT (200USDT-50USDT), otherwise, it will be forced to liquidate.

You can check the basic value of the maintenance margin in the “Contract Details” on the main trading page.

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