What is NFT and BitMart NFT Market?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic tokens that represent unique assets that can verifiably prove authenticity and ownership in a blockchain network.

BitMart NFT Market is a one-stop platform for NFT enthusiasts, cryptocurrency investors, and artists to co-create, buy, and trade top NFTs.

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How to buy NFT on BitMart NFT Market?

Currently only supports fixed price purchases.

To buy NFTs, you first need a BitMart account, if you are a new friend, please click here to register, it only takes a few minutes to complete easily.

When logging in to your BitMart account to buy NFTs, you need to ensure that your spot account has sufficient balance.

Find the NFT you like in the NFT trading market, click to buy, and pay the corresponding digital currency to complete the purchase.

The BitMartNFT marketplace currently supports ERC-721 tokens. You can view the corresponding contract address in “ERC-721” under the Etherscan page.

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What are the BitMartNFT market fees?

1. Transaction fees – When selling or buying NFTs, you need to pay platform service fees.

BitMart NFT charges a uniform 1% transaction fee.

2. Royalties NFT royalties refer to the payment of a certain percentage of the selling price to the original NFT creator each time after the NFT is sold.

The seller needs to pay a certain royalty to the creator.

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What is the floor price?

The floor price represents the lowest price of collectibles in the market, not the average item price.

The price will be updated in real time, which will help buyers and sellers to judge when bidding.

Each NFT will leave a record when it generates a transaction, and these records will be displayed in the [Record] of their details page.

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