The KuCoin fee for the flash swap function is 0.

Due to the sharp fluctuations in the market, the exchange price includes the exchange spread, which allows KuCoin to lock in your quotation in a short period of time.

Therefore, the amount of exchanged assets you see is the minimum amount of assets that you can actually receive after the exchange is successful, and the actual amount you receive may be more than what you see.

You don’t need to understand the complex rules of a series of operations and charges in the spot market.

Through flash swap, you only need to click to complete the exchange of encrypted assets. There are no hidden fees for exchange prices, what you see is what you get.

The number of currencies supported by flash swap is less than that of the spot market, and the number of supported currencies will gradually increase as the functions are improved.

In addition, there is a minimum amount and a maximum amount limit for a single transaction, and the specific number will be displayed in the quantity input box.

Before the exchange, you can choose the account where the payment currency is located, savings account, currency account or savings account + currency account. After the conversion is successful, the settlement currency will be transferred to your currency account immediately.

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