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Explore the world of trading with free eBooks available to all easyMarkets clients.

Written by market experts and easyMarkets analysts, these downloadable books will introduce you to:

  1. Absolute Top 10 Trading Tips
  2. How to Analyze the Markets
  3. Critical Risk Management

Other eBooks available to download at no additional cost:

  1. Learn Technical Analysis
  2. Trading Psychology
  3. 10 Shocking Lessons

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easyMarkets educates new investors

We can almost hear the sigh from homes around the world, as in many regions around the world, the great winter holiday nears and the learning season commences.

But learning isn’t something that ends with age, and no matter how much you already know about online trading, you can always expand your knowledge.


Well, the easyMarkets education center is packed with useful resources, especially designed to assist traders.

You can find specific information about easyMarkets trading platforms, tools and features and get answers to commonly asked questions.

Already know easyMarkets platforms?

Check out resources regarding trading, global markets and factors that affect various CFD instruments.

Prefer something else?

easyMarkets offers information regarding risk management, popular indicators and look into different trading strategies.

On easyMarkets’s education center you can enhance your understanding of topics such as Bollinger Bands, Eliot Wave and Fibonacci and can explore various reports that have the potential to move the market.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about any topic you are curious about and discover new areas related to online trading that might be relevant to you.

Access to easyMarkets Education

easyMarkets Free Educational Resources and Tools

What kind of education resources does easyMarkets offer?

1. Informative article

easyMarkets offers a huge variety of articles for traders.

Think you know it all? easyMarkets is sure they can surprise you.

These articles cover anything from trading theories through chart analysis and all the way to how to calculate advanced market indicators.

Don’t worry though, easyMarkets has kept them very clear and included plenty of examples.

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2. Video tutorials

For those of you who prefer watching over reading, easyMarkets has got some interesting, educational videos.

They’re short, clear and offer information on easyMarkets platforms, trading tools and some popular trading strategies.

3. 1-on-1 training with a trading coach

This is a good opportunity to ask the questions you want and receive answers, to learn at your own pace and to enjoy personal attention from someone who is there to assist you with easyMarkets platforms and services.

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We can hear some sighs again. Yes, we know.

Learning sounds like hard work, but remember – it’s the kind of work that often pays off.

And for CFD traders, knowledge and education are important tools that can potentially assist in making informed, educated trading decisions.

Want to know more about the easyMarkets education center?

You can contact easyMarkets and ask, of course, or simply schedule a personal training session and get the answers you need.

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