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How to choose a good exchange for cryptocurrency trading

The cryptocurrency market is receiving great attention.

As of September 2018, the total market size has exceeded 200 billion USD, more than 2,000 coins have been issued, and more than 15 billion USD are traded every day.

So there is no doubt that it is a fairly attractive market.

However, investors’ returns are not only determined by price movements but also affected by exchange choices.

For example, the rich liquidity and execution speed of a cryptocurrency exchange can affect investors’ profits.

So how do you choose a good exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin? Let me give you that tip from now on.

1. Experience

In the case of an exchange operated by a team with long know-how, IronX provides the best trading conditions, various trading products, correct guides, and customer support services.

You can also trade more smoothly by utilizing the latest technologies and tools.

In addition, IronX is deeply aware of the potential risks inherent in cryptocurrency transactions, and IronX will do their best to overcome them.

2. License

Many investors avoid cryptocurrency trading because digital assets are not officially regulated.

In such a case, you can trade by selecting a cryptocurrency exchange that is regulated.

Regulated exchanges operate to meet all standards required by various regulatory bodies to protect investors’ funds.

So, if you choose an exchange that is regulated, you can enjoy all the benefits of trust, reputation and credit.

3. Award-winning

It is true that exchanges with multiple awards are more reliable and reliable.

The IronX Exchange has been run by an award-winning team for decades of value creation, efficient operation, and best-in-class customer service.

In addition, IronX exchanges include Best Global Online Trading Platform (2017), Best of the Best in European Finance (2016), Best Forex Educators (2015), Outstanding Contribution to the FX Industry (2014), Best Forex Service Provider (2014), It operates in conjunction with the IronFX Group, which won Most Trustworthy Forex Broker (2014) and Best Trading Execution Global (2013).

4. Worldwide offices

The existence of branch offices operating all over the world is also a measure of reliability.

If the exchange has offices all over the world, this can be evidence of a strong team, a stable platform, and support for the best technology.

In addition, investors can enjoy customer support services tailored to the characteristics of each region.

5. Liquidity

High liquidity helps investors open and close positions when they want.

To understand the liquidity of an exchange, you need to check the number of retail customers trading on that exchange.

If you have more than 1 million customers, you can think of the exchange as being very active and capable of providing high liquidity.

In addition, IronX should also look at whether the exchange has global partnerships to increase liquidity and volume.

High liquidity is in line with a fast closing.

6. Advanced technology and security

The exchange chosen by investors should be configured with an easy-to-use interface and provide the best security features.

IronX is developing an online platform based on user-friendly Alpha Point technology and provides strict security features including two-factor authentication via Google, speed limiting, simultaneous connection limiting, and encrypted TLS (Transport Layer Security) connections.

7. Deposit of funds

Choose an exchange where you can freely deposit funds using both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The exchange must provide an efficient platform that allows free conversion of not only crypto-cryptocurrency but also legal-cryptocurrency.

Through this, blockchain-based cryptocurrency transactions and existing online transactions must be perfectly united.

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Choose IronFX’s IronX Crypto Exchange

Choosing a good exchange is an important part of the separation between success and failure in the cryptocurrency market.

IronX Exchange allows customers to easily access and trade online trading platforms provided by IronFX Group through their cryptocurrency accounts.

The IronFX Group is a multi-award-winning global leader that deals with top financial institutions.

IronX has a wide range of licenses in more than 180 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America and provides customer support services to more than 1.2 million customers in over 30 languages.

EmurgoHK Group, which has carried out the Cardano Blockchain project, will provide solid liquidity from the day of the opening of the exchange by listing ADA coins, which have already achieved great success, on the IronX Exchange.

In addition, the performance of the platform will be improved to enable 1 million transactions per second through Alpha Point technology, and IronX provides the ability to handle global-scale transactions, a continuous monitoring system, and an immediate alarm system.

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