Trading Fee Discount on BNB trading pairs

Please refer to the table for the discount rate of Binance Coins until the year, 2021.

The discount rate will be smaller as each year passes.

Trading Fee
Discount Rate
First Year
From July 20th, 2017
Second Year
From July 20th, 2018
Third Year
From July 20th, 2019
Forth Year
From July 20th, 2020
5th Year
From July 20th, 2021
(No discount)

The discount rate above is also specified in the ‘White Paper’ of BNB token.

25% Discount from July 20th, 2018

The current discount rate is 50%, but it will be updated to 25% from 20th of July.

The offer will last for a year.

Take this advantage to profit from the platform more today!

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