Ready to show off your trading skills and win top prizes? StormGain has just launched a brand new trading competition: Cryptocurrency Trading Competition 2022! During the competition, the most active and profitable traders on StormGain will compete to win high USDT cash and bonus funds, with a prize pool of up to $100,000. The rules of the competition are simple and transparent, and the threshold for participation is low. Read on to learn more.

When does the game start?

“Cryptocurrency Trading Contest 2022” has officially started on May 31 (Tuesday) ! That’s right… the game has started! But you still have time to play. The competition will run for 2 weeks until Monday 13 June at 21:00 GMT (10 PM UK time). New entrants can enter the contest until the last day of the contest.

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Who can participate?

All StormGain real accounts (ie: non-demo accounts) with an actual deposit of more than 100 USDT (non-bonus) can participate in the competition registration period. If you’re not a StormGain user yet, you can sign up in seconds to start trading and enter contests to win rewards!

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How it works

The rules of “Crypto Trading Contest 2022” are very simple. After registering for the competition, all trades opened and closed during the 2-week competition period will count towards your score.

Competitors will compete based on two categories:

  • Most Profitable: In this category, the sum of your profits on all trades will be recorded and ranked (losses are not counted) The score is calculated by dividing the amount of all profitable trades (in USDT) by the initial balance and deposit amount, and Multiply by 100..
  • Most Actively Traded: This category will reward traders who trade the most frequently. The score is equal to the total amount of open and closed trades (in USDT) during all competitions.

The winners are the top 150 of each award (300 winning traders in total). Winners can share a total of 100,000 USDT prize pool rewards (50,000 USDT + 50,000 USDT available for trading). Rewards vary according to the winner’s ranking on the leaderboard, such as: 1st place will get 5000 USDT, 50th place will get 100 USDT. With a total of 2 award categories, each with 150 winners, there are plenty of chances to win!

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All participants will be able to check their rankings in the online leaderboard throughout the competition! To participate in the competition, view the real-time standings, and learn more about the rules, check out the Cryptocurrency Trading Competition 2022 page and sign up to participate!

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